Android: The New Platform For Intel Architecture

Android: The New Platform For Intel Architecture

Intel has been missing in the mobile scene for quite some time now. However, with the most recent of its developmental decisions, the tech-giant is looking to make a substantial headway in the mobile market. Intel in collaboration with Google will work at developing compatibility of Intel’s Atom processors with Google’s Android operating system.

This is a long- standing plan for Intel. Technological advancement is synonymous with Intel. Yet, for quite some time they have been conspicuously absent from a vital technological market. Android is the new trend in the mobile industry. Most tech high rollers have already breached the field and come up with advanced mobiles sporting the Android OS. Intel’s Atom processors have had a popular run in the market. With this new addition, speculation states that Intel might successfully launch their steps in the mobile industry. The latest Atom processors compatible with Google’s Android OS will expectedly hit the markets by the end of the year 2012.

Android for Intel’s Smart Phones and Tablets

Intel powered Smartphone is the new step that will bring a new contender to the Android fever. The ease of access, which open-source Android has brought about for Smartphones, is the very reason why Intel decided to use this opportunity as the launch vehicle for their newest venture.

However, Smart phones are not the only target for this new episode. Tablets are also in sight for Intel and Android compatibility. The potential of this market increases with the fact that Intel will power in addition to the architectures already present in Tablet PCs with the help of Android. Although, there are potentially the market is flooded with Tablet PCs from almost every branded tech companies, this venture is expected to bring down the expense of owning Android powered Tablets.

The sales of regular PCs have already started dwindling in the more futuristic markets of developed countries like North America, Europe etc. The Future is looking towards the boom of Smartphones and touch-screen Tablet PCs. The time-to market concept dictates that the approach should be towards the inclination of the customers. As such, this progression by Intel and Google is the natural next step. In fact, Intel is hitting the iron when the anvil is the hottest.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini confirmed that this dream project was in line for quite some time. Otellini unveiled and demonstrated a prototype of Intel- driven tablet at IDF. This prototype will be considered as a reference for further models that will have similar specifications. The specs of the prototype include Android honeycomb Operating system and Intel’s powerful Medfield Atom 32nm processor chip.

This move has also targeted the development of the X86 platforms for developers. There are hordes of X86 developers and yet they cannot be a match to the growing group of Android app developers. The difference that this launch will cater to is it will bring some variations and loads of opportunities in the market.

There are some speculations as to Intel’s plan to start in a growing field that already has competitors in the high range of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. However, the future is Tablet PCs and Smartphone with greater boost. In addition, Intel is not in exclusive agreement with Google; there are speculations that Microsoft might also be considered for a similar deal.

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  1. This movement is not good for Microsoft.For Windows Tab ,Intel atom processor is used.If Intel start to support Android,everyone use Android only.Microsoft will loose it’s Market share.Already it has less market share compared with Apple and Android

  2. Android has definitely positioned themselves to take on Apple in the tablet market. There are wonderful apps, and with the flood of devices available, people everywhere are going to be taking advantage of them!

  3. I’m looking forward to the release of windows 8 on the tablet. With millions of people using a windows desktop, this might tempt people to move straight to a Windows tablet pc, rather than opting for an Android or iOS. It will difficult for Microsoft to get traction in the market, but one the apps start appearing, it should take off IMHO..

  4. Intel working with Android? This will surely make a scene in the smartphone and tablet business. Can’t wait! This will make Apple think of something more than its SIRI and ipad2 now.

  5. Android and Intel will be a great combination. I’m so excited! This one will be a big break for Android. Great post!

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  6. This is really a good news about the combination of Android and Intel. Both the elements have a better reputation among people and this increases the expectation to higher level.


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