Robots take pleasure from Angry Birds

Robots take pleasure from Angry Birds
Angry birds has become the most sought after game not only by living but also by non living man made intelligent machines, robots. In other words, robots fell in love with video gaming to be more specific, Angry birds. Angry birds has attained the popularity by being played on iPod and smartphones.

The game has reserved space in social media networks also such as Facebook. And the game’s spree is continuing with robots at the moment. The new robot, Bitbeambot can play Angry birds – the most fascinating video game.

Robots- Then and Now

Robots have become part and parcel of our lives for the past many decades. Robots give us comfort by taking strenuous jobs. They are best fit for routine jobs where human intelligence is not required.

The latest robots are able to perform many tasks that we had never imagined in our wildest dreams also. These robots powered by highly sensitive decision making mechanisms can accomplish complex tasks in an effortless manner.

Robots can also perform jobs where man cannot work. Robots are sent to other planets also for extensive research. Robotics and micro-controllers are expanding the horizon in discovering innovative instruments.

As we go on mentioning the applications of robots, there will be no field untouched directly or indirectly with the usage of robots and automated machines. We have found robots playing well synchronized orchestra. Even cartoon shows like Jetsons’ Rosie have entertained kids for decades with their fantasy.

From the world of fantasy to the new world of reality, robots have changed dramatically. The new robot, Bitbeambot playing Angry birds may not be a surprise for the current generation but it is like ascending to heaven for people who lived before two generations. Bitbeambot deserves credit for presenting the marvelous mix of human intelligence plus digital electronics plus mechanics besides other specialized sciences.

Watching Bitbeambot playing Angry birds will be thrilling moments for general public. And, for those who are in the field of robotics it will be a new challenge to take forward the lead in achieving and accomplishing many new and innovative tasks. The immediate repercussion goes in exploring the feasibility of deploying the game playing robot into mobile testing zone.


Let us check the background of the new robot, Bitbeambot. The brain behind Bitbeambot, Mr. Jason Huggins claims that he was able to manage his spare time in creation of this new wonder. He claims that the robot got his life from balsa, LEGO and servo motors. The finger which can trace and work on touch screens is controlled by Arduino based mechanism that guides the robot by feeding with next course of action.

As per the video released, the Bitbeambot plays Angry birds quite slowly. However, the creator of the robot has alternative plans in utilizing the technology. In future, this robot can be successfully deployed in testing mobile applications before they are released into the market.

Though robots can work intelligently, they need direction from human beings. With the increased sophistication, how these new robots are going to be established in the new age and how they are going to be adapted with the changing lifestyles will be exciting to gaze at.

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