iOS5: Twitter Friendly Features


Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5 has enhanced Twitter integration. This integration of Twitter on iOS5 makes it easy to tweet from Apple handheld devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. There is tremendous increase in active user participation which goes from 30 per cent to 50 per cent and more than 50 million tweets are being posted every day across the globe. IOS 5’s twitter integration is the cause for the rise in number of tweets posted every day. iOS 5 based Apple devices can share information quite easily among themselves. Now Twitter users will find the same layout as they get on desktop or laptop. This facility on iOS5 enables twitter users to exercise control on tweets that are being sent and received.

iOS5 – Following Twitter

Once you login to your twitter account from your iOS5 enabled iPhone, you will have immediate access to send tweets from any application that recognize single sign on. If you have already stored your friend’s twitter name in your iOS5 enabled phone’s contact list, you can send tweet straight from that contact list zone. You will be able to view your friend’s Twitter timeline and go through the most recent tweets of your friend. Even when you are sending tweets from other applications, your phone’s contact list will help fill your friend’s twitter username automatically.

Sharing of tweets has become easy than ever before with new iOS5. You can share web links, photos, videos, maps and even your location information through GPS with your tweets. The new iOS 5 also help users to integrate other social media like YouTube so that you will be able to tweet with less number of steps along with improved navigational facet. Twitter settings are decentralized so that settings can be applied at application level.

iOS5 with its Twitter enhanced features

Twitter is seamlessly integrated with Photos, Safari, YouTube and Maps. Now you will be able to send tweets right from these applications. For example, when you come across an interesting photo, you will be able to send it right away from your iOS5 phone as a new tweet will be created automatically with a thumbnail of the photo. Just post the text that you want to convey your friends and you are done with your tweet.

In addition to ‘Photos Application’, iOS5 users will also be able to share tweets from Camera plus. iPhone 4S comes with factory loaded iOS 5. The new iOS5 can also be downloaded at free of cost into other Apple devices such as iPhone 3S, iPhone 4, iPod touch of 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad and iPad 2 versions.

When you install a new application in your Apple device which has iOS5, the application will gather your public information automatically. It will understand who you are and what you are and automatically configures settings, so that you can readily explore the application’s capability in delivering goods for you. New applications will be easily integrated into your iOS5 mobile system as Apple and Twitter will handle all API requests and keeps you free from dealing with tech gigs.

With Apple’s iOS 5 lean on Twitter, your finding and sharing activities reaches new heights. Clearly, you can now follow Twitter wherever you go from your iOS5 enabled mobile.

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  2. Being able to tweet with just a few steps is great. I like the social media integration for it makes tweeting easier and more organized. I love the new user-friendly navigation too!


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