Google Plus Streams New Features

Google Plus Streams New Features

Google – The Search Engine giant is marching ahead with new products and acquisitions. Established in the year 1997, the company launched many products which were new and innovative. Some of the products are embraced by Google fans and continue to exist till date while some products disappeared altogether without leaving any trace.

Over the years Google had launched more than 100 products and acquisitions. Google Plus is being fashioned on a continuous basis to accommodate user friendly features. Even though there is not much hum about Google Plus compared to Facebook or Twitter,there is no dearth of new ideas and features explored by Google Plus.

Google Plus refines your social experience

Google Plus announces yet another set of new features as part of its ongoing refinement process to make your social experience more enjoyable. The new feature “What’s hot on Google Plus” will let you find interesting stuff and will save your precious time on Google Plus. The new feature is intended to give you quick reference to the bit of information by taking less or negligible time from you. What’s hot feature appears right beneath the new post in your Google Plus main stream. You can also find the same in the left side bar of “Ripples.”

Another new feature which maps your conversation in ripples is a pretty cool feature. You can find the flow of information in a graphical method. As visuals are more appealing than static text messages, it is easy to trace your conversation. It will not only save your time but also provide a user friendly gesture from Google Plus that will take your social networking experience to the next level.

As more and more graphics and visualization methods are applied on Google Plus, it will help you utilize your time on Google Plus more efficiently. Ripples help you check the impact of your favorite blog posting. Just click on “View Ripples” and you will be able to find the explosion of the activity right from the blog posting. It will give you an insight of the spread of message and better analyze the factors that promote viral spread of any blog post.

Creative Kit will let you have more fun from the photos shared on Google Plus. More than 3.4 billion photos are shared on Google Plus. Creative kit helps you edit photos and add comment on photos and will give you many more options to work-with. Android users will be able to upload photos from their smartphones to Google Plus automatically.

Google Plus for Handsets/Smartphones

Of course, users have to enable this feature in their mobile handset. Uploaded photos can be kept unpublished until you make required changes on the photos. Now you can do lot more with photos to entertain others by sharing modified or edited photos across your circles. As of now, usage of specialized photo editing tools are available only on desktops and laptops and will be launched soon for mobiles after creating a supportive application for the same.

Hope you enjoy these new features which facilitate not only interesting but also time saving presentation of information!

7 thoughts on “Google Plus Streams New Features”

  1. I found Google Plus more interesting because of its availability for Handsets/Smartphones. Now that everybody has always been using their mobile phone for their Facebook or Twitter access, why not making it possible for Google Plus too.

  2. G+ is interesting and nice social site I have ever seen but one thing that makes me wonder about it is that it is not as many thought it would be. Thanks for sharing this information 🙂

  3. You are so right Jane about Google+ being more enjoyable. I for one enjoy it more than FB, but that is me which really got a hand of the social network. The recent features that they have introduced, IMO, is very much to that of Twitter trends.. I like it though 🙂


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