15 Best Pedometer Apps to Choose for Android and iPhones

Choose the best pedometer app for your Android or iPhone

Smartphones are really a blessing (and a curse too!). Earlier we used our (mobile/cell) phones to make calls and that was it. But now smartphones are named aptly and the things they can do are increasing every day.

We see new apps popping up to do just about anything. Things that used to be “impossible” have now become possible by smartphones and it is great to have these little wonders right in our hands.

Smartphones have opened the windows to the outside world and has made the world and its vast knowledge so very small so those can fit into our hands.

There are apps that could suggest us perfect exercises (based on our current health condition data), and they could also keep track of our measures to stay healthy!

So, what if you want to track the distance you walk everyday? Your own pedometer at your hands (or in your pocket) that can track your footsteps?

Yes, by now you’d have guessed there’s an app for that too! Well, not one but there are many, many apps for that purpose.

Let me present you with only 15 of those pedometer apps that I consider are really useful so you can choose your best! Here we go!

#1 Fitbit


Fitbit is more than just a pedometer. It does a lot of other things to keep yourself fit. You can use this app to literally anything you do related to fitness.

Be it your workouts (including Yoga), food, heart rate (all day tracking), runs, walks hikes and much more.

You can also compete with your friends and compare their readings. And of course you can sync your data across your devices if you have an account with Fitbit.

The app is available for Android and iPhone.

#2 Runtastic pedometer Lite

Runtastic pedometer Lite

This app can automatically count your steps no matter where you have your phone – as long as you carry your phone this app can count your steps. I am not sure if this is a plus or minus because with my phone in my purse if I travel somewhere in a taxi or a bike the steps are counted!

Nevertheless the app is smart and can act as your smart pedometer. It can tell you how many calories you burnt based on the number of steps you managed to move.

You can share your stats and data in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ etc.

The app is available for both Android and iPhones.

#3 Noom Walk

Noom Walk

This app counts your step automatically 24/7. Social media integration is a plus where you can network with like minded folks. The app encourages people with comments and high fives as one’s target or goal is achieved.

The app is popular for the fact that it doesn’t drain your smartphone battery as the app uses low battery drain sensors and smart algorithms.

This app is only available for Android phones.

#4 Step walk

Step walk

This app has a features where you can turn off the count, so you don’t end up counting travelling in your car or bike. I assume you can turn it off all the time and only turn it on when you are officially walking or jogging.

The app also displays the stats in the form of graph. You get to see your walking progress as well as how much calories you burnt throughout the days in the form of a graph.

With the GPS on you can also keep a track of the route you go and save it for another time.

This app is also only available for Android phones.

#5 Runkeeper


This app is kinda complete and integrates with many other apps making your life a lot easier. The app can calculate your running pace, cycling speed, elevation, route, calories etc. You can also track the calories burnt in your indoor exercises, yoga and the like.

The app not only records but also trains via the training plans for beginners, those training for Marathons and for those who are running for weight loss.

You can set fitness goals and track them over the time. You can also share your progress, results etc. with a group!

The app is available for iPhones and Android phones.

#6 Stepz


Stepz is an iPhone only pedometer app. The app doesn’t need a GPS and it doesn’t drain your phone’s battery.

The app also supports export/import from a CSV file. Unlike most other apps, the data is stored securely in the device.

If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus you can also see the floors you climbed, which is a nice addition.

#7 Pacer


Pacer is not just a pedometer app but helps you with lot more stuff like blood pressure tracker and weight and BMI management.

The app can record your steps no matter how you carry your phone. And it not just records your steps, but also the calories you burnt, the distance you covered and the time where you were active.

You can create groups with your family and friends; and share and compare the data!

Pacer is only available for iPhone.

#8 Accupedo

Accupedo Pedometer

This app can track your steps and report to you right from a home screen widget. You can customise your personal settings with this app.

The app has a health kit, and data displayed in the form of charts. Plus music option to accompany your walking.

You can also pause, stop and resume your counts.

The app is available for iPhone as well as Android.

#9 Nike+ RunningNike+ Running

This app not only tracks your steps but also helps you to stay motivated and achieve your goals. The app suits all kinds of runners right from beginners, to fitness geeks and marathon veterans.

The app is simple yet doesn’t fail to cover most areas of fitness!

You can share your runs with your friends, share the data, compare your data with that of your friends and even share pictures of before and after the run with all your run-data.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users.

#10 Pedometer 2.0

Pedometer 2.0

This app is available for Android. The app has three types of settings where you can count on the calories in different ways.

In the accelerometer, you can count your steps and calculate the calories depending on the distance.

In the GPS setting, the app counts the calories based on the distance covered.

In the “time” setting, the calories are counted based on the amount of time and the type of exercise you perform.

#11 Moves


Moves is a wonderful pedometer app that gives you some perks in terms of visual. You have “Places” that show your most common places in your daily routine.With “Storyline” you can have a timeline view of your day.

Similarly you have your routes on the map, the pedometer (of course) and the connected apps log.

The app is available for Android phones as well as iPhones. The app is not compatible with Samsung Note II though.

#12 Breeze

Breeze is the from Runkeeper company (pedometer app #5 above) and is exclusive for iPhones (only available in the US). Breeze goes beyond Runkeeper by keeping you motivated in between your walking sessions.

The app keeps you motivates and pushes you with notifications. You will get daily goals as notifications to your phone. And the app also keeps you updated with how you are progressing with your goals.

The app is majorly about the notifications, but you also have a super simple UI for those who want to play around with. If you want a pretty simple app, this one is for you!

#13 Endomodo Sports tracker PRO

Endomodo Sports tracker PRO

This app is more like a fitness trainer for you. The app can track any distance-based sport and calculate the calories burnt, distance covered etc.

The app gives you audio feedback on your progress in regular intervals. If you set a workout goal, the audio trainer will help you achieve it.

You can share workout photos, share audio clips and can compete with your friend in the workout via the app.

The app is available for Android phones.

#14 Zombies, Run

Zombies Run

A fun named app! And it makes your workout a lot more fun than merely boring! The app makes running a game and more thrilling by letting the zombies come after you.

You can collect perks like ammo and medicine every time you escape. You can then use them to escape or do some nice progress.

The app also leads you through stories where you can uncover some mysterious stuff as you progress!

The app is available for iPhones and Android phones.

#15 Map my walk

Map my walk

This app goes beyond merely tracking your steps. It can track your gear and let you know when it is time for new shoes (if you add the gear to the app).

It can also track over 600 activities that include running, jogging, cycling, yoga, gym workouts and the like.

The app can provide you the workout stats based on the stats like calories burnt, elevation, time, pace etc.

The app is available for iPhones, Android phones and also Blackberrys on limited support.

Have you chosen the best pedometer app for your phone?

No matter whether you are an Apple or an Android person, you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing your pedometer app.

I’ve listed 15 of the best pedometer apps; so you can choose the pedometer app that suits you from this list.

Let me know which one you choose!

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  1. Please take a dictionary and search for the word ‘Best’. Then ask yourself this: considering the meaning of ‘best’, how many ‘best’ products can there be?…

    • Hey Johan,

      As far as I know, there can be only one best (I didn’t have to take the dictionary, I just used my instinct). And something that I think best might not be the best for someone else. This post lists a few apps so people who read this post (each one of them) can choose ONE best app according to their own needs.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I’m going to go download Nike+ Walk app right now. It appears that it has one of the highest reviews on Google Play, and on account that it’s the Nike brand I will try it first. I’m more concerned with gauging my running distance.

    I hope that it’s pretty accurate.

    • Hey Kevin,

      I’ve tried Nike+ personally and it is quite good. Besides it is also backed up by the big brand name. Hope it works well for you 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


  3. An FYI so you can update your blog – Runkeeper discontinued support for Breeze in May 2015. Which is a shame as it was a really good app, especially if you were interested in walking rather than running.

  4. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for sharing an awesome collection.Specially, Noom Walk is my most favorite application.I really love that.


  5. i’m probably switching from iphone to pixel. on the iphone i LOVE Pedometer++. is there something like that for android phones: simple, color coded? able to distinguish steps from driving etc. (or is there a way to use pedometer++ on an iphone?) thanks.

  6. Try notFit (iPhone/iOS only), it is better than many.. cause you can not only track yours, also your friends steps (real-time) as well.


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