15 Free alarm clock apps for your Android phone

15 Free alarm clock apps for your Android phone

Every one has got a busy day these days. We all have commitments.

We have kids to get ready to school. We have school/college assignments to submit. We have corporate meetings to attend. We have lunch boxes to pack. And much more.

No matter if you are a night owl or a morning person, you still need a good alarm to wake you up. If you have an Android phone, here are 15 alarm clock apps to choose from.

Following my last post on the best pedometer apps for Android and iPhone, it occurred to me that I should prepare a list of the nice alarm clock apps for Android phones.

After all everyone wants to wake up right? Rather than relying on your own self or a friend, why not set up your phone to wake you up?

1. Morning kitMorning kit

This app is not just an alarm clock app. It does much more than that, as the name suggests. The app allows you to view the most important things that one would want to view in the morning like the weather, currency rates, calendar, date, photo frame, world clock, date count down, memo, quotes and so on. 10 info panels to be precise.

So this is a perfect kit that will help you get the necessary information at a glance once you wake up.

Of course you have the alarm clock and yes this app will wake you up or this app wouldn’t be listed here. You can download Morning Kit here.

2. Puzzle alarm clock

Puzzle alarm clock

This one doesn’t let you snooze and extend your sleep just with the press of a button. You have to solve a puzzle before you can make the alarm tone go off.

That’s kinda tough, I know but it works for people who are serious about getting out of bed no matter what, at that specific time.

The puzzles are random, like, captcha, math equations, memory cards, patterns etc. that make sure you are really awake.

You can also set up an app to launch right after the alarm. The app will check if you really woke up, will give to “time to bed” notifications and “next alarm” notifications.

You can download the Puzzle alarm app here.

3. Timely alarm clock

Timely alarm clock

Timely is a beautiful alarm clock. Just swipe the edge of the screen to set an alarm and you are set to wake up. The interface is user friendly and is stylish. You can also change the look and style of the app by choosing from the gorgeous inbuilt themes.

The alarm challenges you to make sure you woke up. Also you can just turn the snooze on by turning your phone.

You can also use the app in your tablet. Download Timely alarm app here.

4. Life time alarm clock

Life time alarm clock

This app doesn’t let you over snooze; it limits the number of times you can click the snooze button.

The app claims to be lite on your phone battery.

The app has some of the loud BLASTING alarm tones to get you out of bed as well as gentle ones if you want to wake up in a pleasant way.

You don’t have to put up with a few annoying sounds of the app. You have a nice list of alarm tones to choose from. Or you can also set your own saved mp3 as alarm tone.

Download the Lifetime alarm clock app here.

5. Alarm clock plus

Alarm clock plus

This app is highly flexible. You can set up the app as you want. The snooze and dismiss options can be either auto or manual.

You can wake up to your favourite music track. You can also set up the alarm tone to fade in.

The feature I love the most is the nap alarm where you can set it up for a specific amount of time like setting a timer and take your nap.

Another cool feature is to be able to skip the alarm on a day off and you don’t have to worry about turning the alarm back on!

Download Alarm clock plus here.

6. Alarm clock Xtreme free + Timer

Alarm clock Xtreme free + Timer

You can force yourself to solve math problems in order to be able to snooze or dismiss the alarm. The Xtreme app features extra large snooze button so you don’t end up accidentally pressing the dismiss button and sleep (this has happened to me).

You can also limit the maximum number of snoozes. Both the snooze and dismiss can be set to be auto or manual.

The app also incorporates a stop watch that you can use for sports, and science activities.

Download Alarm clock Xtreme here.

7. Sleepbot


This app is more than just an alarm. The app in fact monitors your sleep pattern and wakes you up automatically at the right time. You can also set a reminder to remind you to go to sleep.

More than the alarm, what this app provides you is some interesting data so you can know how well you sleep. You can see “trends” of your sleeping patterns – your sleep/wake times, length of your sleep and trends.

Interestingly, the app also allows you to playback and listen to your sleep talk and snoring, if any.

Download Sleepbot here.

8. Talking alarm clock

Talking alarm clock

Who said you have to wake up to the standard alarm tones? With talking alarm clock app you can wake up to any voice that you prefer – it can be your own voice or the voice of your beloved or any music track.

The app also tells you the current time. You can simply snooze the alarm by shaking the phone. You also have a big snooze button to avoid accidental dismiss.

Download Talking Alarm Clock here.

9. Sure fire alarm Sure fire alarm

As the name suggests, this app will make sure the alarm sounds at the right time, no matter what happens. The developer claims that the alarm will play a backup sound if the tone you setup failed due to corrupted file or SD card.

Also, the app is coded using redundant systems thus reducing the chance of system failure and triggering the alarm.

You also have a quick alarm which can be used as a timer for various reasons. This app also challenges you to make sure you wake up – the challenges are really promising and the one I like is the shake to wake challenge. Although it works with a simple shake or a flip, you can set it up to really challenging work out moves to be able to turn the alarm off.

Download Sure fire alarm app here.

10. Wave alarm

Wave alarm

This one makes snoozing or turning off the alarm dead simple. You don’t even have to touch your phone or look for it in your dark bedroom.

Just wave over your phone. The app uses motion sensing to accomplish this; which means you need to have a phone that has a front facing secondary camera.

Also some people complain that the ceiling fan or other moving objects in the room can mimic your waving and turn the alarm off!

Nevertheless, you can download the Wave alarm here and give it a try!

11. Glimmer


If you don’t like to wake up to jarring alarm tones, this app is for you. No, this is not just about having a soothing ring tone. But this app will wake you up gradually and gently.

The app makes the screen to turn on 30 minutes before the alarm, starting with the darkest screen and the lighting gradually becomes brighter. If you sleep in a dark room, the app can wake you up with just the light.

During this process you get to hear some gentle sounds like that of birds, while the phone checks emails with internet on and notifications turned off; and if you don’t wake up 1 minute after the alarm time, the app plays a strong sound.

Apart from doing the job of waking you up the app can also put your phone in night mode by turning off the internet, notifications etc.

Be sure to download Glimmer and give it a try!

12. Alarmy (Sleep if you can) alarm

Alarmy (Sleep if you can) alarm

This app is dubbed the world’s most annoying alarm. What if you should get out of bed and take a picture of a particular place in your home before you could turn the alarm off? Annoying isn’t?

Well, the app does just that. You have to initially register a place. Good examples are bathroom sink, or an item in your kitchen. Bad examples are your feet, or ceiling.

When the alarm rings, you have to get out of bed, and be awake so you can picture the place you registered initially.

This is for people who seriously want to get out of bed. Download Alarmy here.

13. Shake it alarm

Shake it alarm

This is a super light app that is less than 5MB! That’s certainly a plus given its features.

To turn off the alarm you either can shake it, or scream off (or sing to it), or do some continuous tapping and touching of the screen, or in any random way!

The app has 3 powerful add ons that let you check the news and weather right after you wake up, waking up to a music/track of your choice, and automatically sending a text message to a friend who can wake you up if you don’t wake up to the alarm.

Give Shake it a try!

14. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

The app tracks your sleep cycles, and is one of the most popular alarm apps for Android phones. The app integrates with Google Fit. You can also share your stats on Twitter and Facebook.

The app not only wakes you up but can also put you to sleep by playing nature sound lullabies (you gotta try this).

You can wake up to gentle sounds of nature like birds, sea, storm etc.

You can view your sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring stats with the app.

The app also provides you with challenges like Captcha, Maths, sheep counting, phone shaking, bathroom QR code or NFC tag!

Download Sleep as Android here.

15. I can’t wake up! – Alarm clock

I can’t wake up! - Alarm clock

This alarm app comes with 8 challenging tasks to wake you up. This is for those stubborn people who just won’t wake up (if that is you, try out this app).

Maths, memory (find pairs of coloured tiles), set titles in order, repeat a click sequence that is shown, scan a barcode that is placed in bathroom or kitchen sink, rewrite a randomly generated text, shake the phone and match word pairs.

Apart from this the app also makes sure that you woke up with the Awake test in which if you fail, the alarm sounds again!

Download I can’t wake up here.

Have you found the best alarm app for your Android phone?

Everyone’s preference and taste are different which is why I have listed 15 alarm apps here. Try the ones that appeal to you and choose one to stick with – having more than one app for the purpose of an alarm is something I don’t encourage.

You don’t want to load your phone with some or all of these 15 apps just for the sake of waking up. Take your time to try these apps out and select the one which suits your needs.

Don’t forget to comment below letting us know which alarm clock app you chose for your Android phone!

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