Best Practices of IT Projects Management: Improving your Software Development Workflow

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Do you know how to hire and manage your team? Is there a way to optimize your current workflow to get better results? Along with recruitment, managing teams requires much time and effort to bring you upfront.

Here is a roundup of real-life tips on how you can enhance your working environment with dedicated teams. If you decide to hire a team of experts for your custom software development project, you may refer to this checklist.

Tips on managing your project correctly

  • Consider the expertise of your dedicated developers.

When hiring experts from specific areas or getting outsourcing teams for your project, pay specific attention to hard and soft skills of the talent pool.

  • Who are your Project Managers

Make sure your PMs are skilled in smart task delivery, time planning, and agile approach to effectively coordinate and communicate.

  • Plan ahead 

Set up step-by-step plans for your project development processes with proper deadlines and collaboration between teams.  

  • Remember about flexibility

Ability to scale your teams during the project, adjust the plan and quickly make changes if necessary is vital when managing the workflow. 

Choose the IT management methodology for your project

Today’s IT world has plenty of methods of project management which have proven to be efficient. There’re a lot of recommendations and frameworks that allow businesses to effectively manage their workflow operations. It is up to you which one to choose: 

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Lean approach
  • XP programming

Read more on Top Project Management methodologies here.

Building a great team, remaining flexible, hiring outsourced development teams, and making sure your PMs are experienced in methodologies will give you more possibilities to stay afloat.

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