5 of the Best Visual Features to Add to Your Website Now

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Getting anyone surfing the Internet to take a look at your website can feel like pulling teeth. Instead of hiring an expensive web designer to figure out what you need, here are the top five best visual features you should be adding to your website in order to increase traffic.


This is different from Powerpoint presentations you’re used to seeing in college lectures. Slideshows, or carousels, are navigations that rotate vertically or horizontally. This allows the user to have more freedom with the kind of content they want to access without having to scroll through lists of information. The result is that users save time browsing your site and are more likely to find it visually appealing. Finding an easy-to-use slideshow maker isn’t hard and you can easily implement this feature into your website.

Background Videos

Videos that automatically play in the backgrounds of websites can make a lot of difference. It gives the user a quick rundown of what the website is about in an easily-digestible fashion. It can also reduce the amount of text-content you need to place on your page. Studies have also shown that the human brain can process videos more quickly than they can with paragraphs of text. Don’t forget to allow viewers to click through the video to get to your main content if they’re not interested in watching it.

CTA Images

Call-to-Actions at the end of your article can really incentivize a reader to get the ball rolling on taking action. CTA images increase the chances of this happening even further. Provide widgets where readers can subscribe to newsletters or follow certain social media accounts. The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting your readers involved in your content outside of your website.

Hamburger Menus

Long lists of menu options can take up a lot of website real estate that you could be used for content. Instead, consider implementing hamburger menus, aptly named because of how it looks. Three simple lines can remove busy navigation links and provide a simple place where all other content can be accessed easily through a simple click.

Duotone Images

Want something that’s eye-catching? Consider duo-tone images, where an image is depicted in two simple colours, often ones that contrast each other. It easily adds a splash of colour to your website while still not being too busy on the eyes. You can use colours that reflect your brand so that your content is all tied together more easily to your company, and the images will look great both on desktops and mobile phones. Psychology also shows that certain colours invoke certain emotional responses from viewers so you can tailor the duotones of your images to maximize the reactions you want from your visitors.

Having an attractive website will definitely increase traffic but you also want your visitors to return again and again for your content. By employing any of the five helpful tips mentioned above, you’ll have your visitors engaging to learn more and are more willing to click-through to see what else you have to offer.

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