10 Ways to Organize Important Personal Documents (Try These Unusual Tips)

organize important personal documents

It can be stressful to search for personal documents, especially when you need them urgently. In the world we’re in right now, everything is digital. You can order food online, check for match live scores, pay your school fees, book a flight, etc. Paperwork can be extremely annoying when laying around, and important ones can be easily lost or tossed in the bin. Hence, nothing is stopping you from exporting these receipts into a folder on your computers or phones.

Important and personal documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, estate planning (will), medical records, i.e., insurance, marriage license, social security card, professional contacts, bank accounts details, legal and financial accounts included, can be organized using document management software.

These documents may also include file formats that can store pictures, videos and other files, depending on the software type.

Document management software helps to manage files, create content and organize workflow. It is useful in managing and organizing digital copies of all documents created by an individual. This process is done in an effortless and convenient manner to suit the user. It is available on smartphones as well (Android and iOS). It is efficient because it helps save storage space and reduces the accumulation of physical documents. Examples of document management software are ONLY Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, OpenKM, Logical DOC, Bitrix 24, Office 365, Evernote business, eFile Cabinet, and many others.

The Relevance of Using Document Management Software to Organize Personal Documents

  • There is an ample cloud space available to store all your important personal files. Cloud based software is in trend and they are ideal for small as well as large scale business. Read more: 4 Reasons that Cloud-Based Software is Ideal for Business Management
  • It makes it easier to search for files and find them with ease.
  • It protects your documents from identity theft and fraud – it has set security measures to keep your records safe.
  • Your files become easy to organize, manage and share, with document management software.
  • You can access documents anytime and anywhere.
  • You can monitor your folders against unauthorized access, as they can be password protected.
  • Storing your physical documents cost more than uploading it to a digital-based platform (s).
  • It reduces cluttering.

Ways to Organize Important Personal Documents Using Document Management Software

Below are several ways to ensure proper organization and adequate management of your important files, ranging from birth certificates to your updated curriculum vitae (CV).

1. Open KM

Open KM is an open source document management and storage solution, which works best with Opera Browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Oracle and MySQL are major databases it supports. On Open KM, personal documents can be moved to new locations and security procedures can be changed.

Additional features for ease of file management includes the acceptance of standard file formats like PDF, MP3, text, Office, HTML, JPEG and Open Office; it also provides thesaurus, keyword cloud, mobile interface (Android, iPhone, etc.), and integration of Dropbox, etc.

2. Case Box

Case Box is a web-based document management software which allows users to read and access any uploaded files such as Word, JPEG, PDF online, without using and external applications or downloading them. Case Box is known to be customizable when dealing with documents and can extend over time as Human Resources Management and project management.

3. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is known as an excellent editing tool online. It enables you to share and collaborate with your files easily. For example, resumes can be sent effortlessly to third parties. Customizing documents is also allowed here. Zoho Docs integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe, and can share outside the software. Setting up Zoho email in IOS has been described by sparkmail app brilliantly.

Security is guaranteed, as it’s password protected and expiry dates can be set. Users can create and edit documents here – the application is available for iOS and Android, where one can create, access and edit on the spot.

4. Seed DMS

Seed document management software is a platform for managing, storing and sharing documents. It supports MySQL as a database. It also promotes interface on mobile and utilizes smartphones in a much efficient way, due to optimized user interface and bootstrap. Its features include password retrieval, accepting standard files such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.

Seed DMS previews attachment of images and includes full-text search. Check out some discussion of Seed DMS on SourceForge.

5. File Run

File Run is used for necessary file and media management. Your relevant documents can be uploaded and stored without stress. It is a file sharing software which is free and is accompanied by a server. It supports docs, pictures, music, and has options for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

6. Nuxeo

Nuxeo is an open source document management software which is free to download and comes in multiple formats (Windows, .exe package, Virtual Box images). It supports all common file types – audio, video, images (mp3, mp4, JPEG), and integrates with productive applications and business such as Office 365 and Google drive. If you are still in confusion this answer will help you.

7. Google Drive

Google drive is quite popular and can be used offline. The management capabilities are excellent. It’s suitable for editing (without converting MS word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint) and collaboration. It has unlimited cloud storage space, and files, as well as folders,  can be shared easily.

8. Alfresco DMS

Alfresco Document Management Software provides services for managing images, web contents, documents, and many more. Mobile applications are available for iOS and Androids – it also supports MySQL databases and 64-bit systems, etc.

9. Adobe Document Cloud standard

This is used mostly for PDF files. Easy access for important users can be shared through integration with MS Office 365, MS SharePoint online, and others. Files can also be tracked and shared through the use of mobile phones on the Adobe Document Cloud Standard. Some cool features of adobe can help in your cloud based business.

10. Dropbox Business

Dropbox business is easy to use and offers unlimited storage (starting from 2 terabytes). It can collaborate with other applications and has features that can restore deleted files. Dropbox business has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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