The Mental Battle Of Blogging And Weight Loss

The Mental Battle Of Blogging And Weight Loss

You have no doubt seen and heard those ads declaring that anyone can have a set of rock-hard abs in just three weeks, no matter how flabby they may be now. Others proclaim the virtues of all kinds of secret diets from high-protein diets to water diets, all promising that you will see changes within no time.

But the reality is that there is no way the damage that’s been done over many years can be undone in a couple of days of intense dieting or training.

Why are weight loss and blogging a mental battle?

Global entities in the field of weight loss and training, such as Weight Watchers and TRX Trainer, will tell you that there is no secret nutritional or training plan that will cure the results of years of poor lifestyle choices.

What you can be sure will work is a well thought out regime that you stick to faithfully for a long time. Likewise, when setting up a new online business via a blog, there is no quick fix. One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make and fail is that they expect instant gratification.

Success comes over a long period of time, and it takes a lot of perseverance, determination and endurance. Like blogging, weight loss is a Marathon run, not a 100-meter sprint. A Marathon is a mental challenge. The biggest battle takes place in runner’s own mind during the race – it is a battle between quitting and keep running.

Why is it important for bloggers to understand how their body works?

Understanding how your own health works is especially important for bloggers who spend the lion’s share of their day hunched over their computers doing research and typing out articles.

Regardless of their best intentions, they find the day ending when they’ve barely budged from their desks. As for diet, most of them resort to fast foods and fizzy drinks due to their convenience. This kind of lifestyle will have adverse effects sooner or later.

The 2 steps below are the building blocks to help you as a blogger develop a healthy routine. 

Understand the role a balanced diet plays in your well-being

The first thing you need to do is begin watching what you take in. Eat the right kind of foods; those that energize your body, improve the digestion process and also help it to grow.

If you are at a loss as to where to begin, visit your nearest bookstore and look for something to do with nutrition and diet. Or better yet, go to the Internet and see if you can get nutritional advice from a reputable source. Be careful to avoid the quick-fix solutions mentioned earlier.

Find out the different functions performed by the nutrients contained in the different kinds of foods. The ingredients you are using in a food matters a lot. For example, using turmeric as an ingredient in your food can improve metabolic function and supports healthy weight management. There are many other health benefits of turmeric such as reducing chronic inflammation and detoxification of liver.

Once you gain a firm understanding of the role food plays in your well-being, you will be less inclined to go on stuffing yourself with ‘dead’ foods. Most junk food is considered dead as the nutrients in it have been long destroyed in the cooking process or because they are made from a combination of artificial flavors and coloring with zero nutritional value.

Tip: A good way to choose “good calories” instead of “bad calories” is to honestly ask yourself: “Does my body really needs this?”

A thorough grasp of food’s importance will also keep you from seeing eating as simply a source of pleasure or emotional solace. You will cease the habit of eating until your stomach groans. Instead you will begin eating just what you know your body needs.

Understand the role exercise plays in your performance as a blogger

Much as some of us cringe at the sound of the ‘e’ word, there is no getting around the fact that exercising regularly is the only way to recover our lost shape. Women dreading the prospect of becoming muscular when they start exercising need to know that all they need is to engage in low intensity cardiovascular activities to burn calories and lose weight. These include jogging, swimming, bike riding or even a simple, brisk walk.

Tip: Remember to pace yourself as you begin and do only what you can comfortably sustain, even if it’s just 15 minute break from your blog work. Start from somewhere and gradually increase the intensity.

Combining the above two measures will put you well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals but you must be able to sustain them over a long period if you are to see the results you want. Remember, this is a Marathon, not a sprint. This means you must be committed and disciplined, refusing to give up even when the going gets tough.

With this said, I am now going to take a break from my guest posting work and go for a nice walk by the beach for 15 minutes to exercise and re-energize.

4 thoughts on “The Mental Battle Of Blogging And Weight Loss”

  1. It is obvious that years spent in front of a PC, eating junk food, doing no exercise whatsoever couldn’t be undone by some miracle drug. It takes will to stop eating junk food and in this case I speak for myself. These days I am trying to eat only what my body needs, I walk at least 30 minutes each day. The result is not spectacular yet, but I feel good about myself and that is a feeling no drug could ever give me.

  2. Before I thought working online is not stressful and easiest job i know. But after 2 years
    of working online, there are changes from my slim body now started to gain weight. I i usually feel stressed and lack of exercise. Now i learn, i make sure to walk 30 minutes a day and do easy steps of exercise.

  3. As a blogger, I see to it that I can have an active lifestyle three times a week. The healthier I get, the more work and stress I can handle. Incorporating exercises while working and occasional walking around the area.

  4. A good diet and regular exercise are important what ever you are doing. I find exercise especially important as it helps me de stress keeps me fit both in body and mind. Also helps me keep my indiscretions of my diet in check as well. I am drinking a lot of water now that really seems to help me feel more alive. Would definatly recommend that to everyone.

    Greatest thanks lee


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