Blogging to Promote Your Business

Blogging to Promote Your Business

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, you can use a blog to generate interest and buzz around your products. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have found that by incorporating a regular blogging strategy into their routine, they are able to reach out to a client base that will either continually return to pay for their products and services or become willing advocates of your business.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

One of the best reasons to create a blog and regularly update it with topics about your industry is so that you can position yourself as an expert in your field. For instance, if you own a landscape architecture firm, then you might want to blog about architecture, art history, gardening, landscaping, forestry and a variety of other subjects that are related to your field.

Doing this is the best way to put yourself forward as a specialist in your subject and promote the idea that you provide a quality product or service.

The following are some of the new experiences you can have by implementing this blogging strategy:

Regular readers – you will eventually get a group of regular readers who fall into three groups: those who post positive comments and feedback on your blog, those who challenge and get into discussions with you, and those who never post or are more inclined to write you a personal email.

More hits on your site – because of the increased traffic to your blog, you will also get more interest in your site; this happens either because people who are reading your blog are also following up to check out your offerings, or because your blog is becoming rated higher, clients looking for services or products you offer are finding them through Google.

A community – many bloggers experience after a few months that they become part of a “community” of other bloggers, readers, commentators and experts in their industry; this is an excellent aspiration to aim for because it will allow you to become well-known and reputed in your field.

Keep the Fire Going

Many new bloggers find that they are very prolific for a while, but then everyday concerns take over and they become less able to write. They may have to spend their free time dealing with new communication issues and may not get around to being as creative as they have been.

But it is important to keep the creative fire going, because it is only through consistency that your readers will stay with you.

Engage, Converse, and Write What You Know

The key to writing a good blog is writing what you know. The best sports bloggers are those that truly enjoy and understand the games they cover on their blogs.

The best fashion blogs are those written by people who have studied and appreciated fashion, even if in an informal way. Don’t write a blog because you think people will read it; start it because you want to write about your topic.

From the beginning, it’s important to establish a connection with readers. The unique benefit of writing a blog versus writing for a printed publication is that you have a chance to directly interact with readers.

Engage readers in a conversation with your blog posts, and be sure to connect with them outside of the posts, too. Reaching out to readers via social media sites can be a good way to establish a more personal relationship with your readers, which should be the goal of anyone putting their voices out on the internet in the form of a blog.

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  1. Blogging can really promote one’s business in the most efficient way. It brings more exposure and today, most of the companies are using content marketing as one of their marketing techniques to get the maximum exposure and so does conversions.

  2. Knowledge is vital for a blog Veronica, and the most hard part is research. The more you research about what you write, the better the results. Knowing your visitors and how to engage them is also important! Thanks for sharing, nice approach to promoting your business.


  3. You have explained important points here, These points are very helpful for new bloggers, And thank for sharing this Awesome post.

  4. You are totally right Veronica, a blog is really important for businesses today. If a business have many blog followers, they can promote new products for free and reach thousands of people fast. It’s also nice for customers to be able to communicate with the company and that’s a win win situation and a big benefit for a business in the long run.

  5. Always aim to create engaging and interesting content. That’s one way to attract more readers and potential clients. And don’t forget to connect your blog to social media networks.

  6. Impressive and very helpful article. As a blogger who’s promoting his business by writing about it, you should really put yourself into the expert’s shoes. You’re the star of your show, and the boss of your own blog.

  7. Good points mentioned Veronica!!!
    Blogging plays a vital role in spreading the news. Today readers like to read quality post and this can be done only by research as mentioned by @John Mak.
    If the posts on the blog are effective then users will comment and share their views and the news will go viral which will help the blog build for what purpose.

  8. Blogging and social media sites can greatly affect your business, It is a way to reach out to a higher number of people. Even business should be up to date with technology.

  9. Blogs are truly effective marketing tools. If written properly — informative content, simple and easy to understand, free from grammar and spelling lapses — they can definitely attract loyal followers. Quality blogs can also build your reputation as an expert in your niche. Thanks for sharing this article. Very valuable for new bloggers like me.

  10. Hi all,

    I am very glad that you took time and read the article, and that you’ve found the article useful 🙂

  11. Indeed, blogging is an effective method of promoting your business on the web. It gives your an opportunity to show your expertise in your chosen field or industry.

  12. Hi Veronica
    A blog now is pretty essential I would of thought for any business the benefits of running one whether you are a one man band or multi national are endless. As more is done online and you are not talking to people in a physical shop it is one of a number of critical means of communication that is to neglected at the detriment of your business.

    Great post thanks lee

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