Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging

Blogging once started as a place for people to express themselves – a platform to inform others about their day-to-day lives and general thoughts on certain topics.

The idea of ‘blogging’ expanded in the 2000s with the rise of the worldwide use of the internet; progressing from just being an online diary for the general public to a far more powerful tool, which politicians, businessman, corporations & authors alike started to utilise. To expand your business into the online community, blogging is becoming a necessity to paving your way to success.

Why will Blogging bring my Business Success?

In contemporary culture, having an online presence is vital. Yes, having a website is a great start (another necessity), but having a blog actually allows you to communicate with audiences not only nationwide, but worldwide.Any online business will have conducted research as to the details of their customers, as a standard procedure.

However, it is one thing doing the surface research and another to actually interact with customers. Through a business blog you can find ways to educate your audience through interesting mediums, raising awareness, starting a bridge of trust which results in ‘long-term customer loyalty’.

Blogging gives your Business a Human ‘Face’

Marketing is moving forward, and if you don’t move with it you are going to be left behind. The tactics of marketing have always been ‘bombardment’ – whether it’s poster, billboards, print, pop-ups, flyers etc.

The problem is that if a business relies solely upon these mediums of advertisements, they create a sort of ‘remove’ from the customer. Customers need to trust an online business.

How do you be trusted? Talk to your customers, answer questions, pose questions, spark debate and raise issues. Blogs are the best way to form relationships with customers – it grants your business a human personality, a friendly face that it may not have had before.

Will it really bring my Site that much traffic?

Yes it will. Research conducted by Hubspot has shown:

“Businesses that blog twenty times per month see five times more traffic than companies don’t.”

This figure makes perfect sense. If a business is constantly updating their blog with content rich articles, featuring different mediums of media (image, video, audio, text, infographics..) which are directed at their target audience they are bound to attract a greater audience simply from a simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) perspective. Search engines will see that fresh content is being regularly produced, ultimately boosting rank and visibility – enabling audiences to come across your business on search engines with far more ease.


‘Sharing’ is something that is commonly seen online across all social platforms. If you write interesting, engaging posts – a customer may be stimulated by it, and then may be inclined to share it to their ‘friends’ across a social network of choice.

This is great for businesses, for people sharing your business’s article under their own accord instantly gives your brand a ‘stamp of approval’ quality. In the real world, ‘Word of Mouth’ has always been seen as one of the best ways to attract customers as an influential promotional tool; the online parallel of this is simply, ‘Word of Mouse’.

In conclusion, consumers crave a human personality in the online marketplace. A blog raises brand/business awareness, gives it a trustworthy quality, increases traffic; and will ultimately bring you what you want – a higher profit. If you are a business without a blog, you should create one now and never cease to update it. A strong business is a blogging business!

Jonny D enjoys working online, and helping businesses to earn more money through social media and blogging. He currently works for Ladbrokes.

8 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs to Start Blogging”

  1. Thank you JonnyD! This is such good advice! Every business needs a blog alongside a webpage just to get in touch with its costumers, to listen to their opinions and to get traffic!

    • It takes a lot of time to start a business. If you are still planning to start, there are chances you will start one days. I will recommend you to make a perfect planning before starting. Target your customers and start blogging first. Get the response and then start selling the products.

  2. Its all too easy to forget that you are writing to PEOPLE not computers.
    Your article here was thought provoking and good advice for neophyte webmasters.
    One way to get your customers to realise that you are not just a webmaster/mistress is to include a photo of yourself throughout your site.

  3. I think this is the place where people use to share or express themselves to others.. Just like online discussion. For targeting customers it is better to start blogging first. This is very useful for internet marketeers. It gets the fast response and then start selling the products through our site and promotes.


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