Luxury Brands Cannot Shut The Door To Social Media

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The word luxury will have no room for inclusion. Luxurious products and services delivered by luxury brands are benchmarks for tight possession. The products and services are targeted to attract rich and affluent people and the deals are private to the maximum possible extent.

Social networks on the other hand are targeted to reach a large number of people spread across the world. It includes the majority of people and the proportion of exclusivity is limited. Let us check how luxury brands are squeezing the power of social media to enhance their business while upholding their exclusivity as usual.

Social media prospects for luxury brands

Social media offers unlimited opportunities to showcase information and to engage individuals. Luxury brands can utilize social networks’ controls to streamline their promotions in expected lines without compromising on offers of exclusive nature.

Facebook’s Timeline gives opportunity for businesses to present information in chronological order. If your brand is the oldest and most coveted one on the planet, you should not shy to proclaim the same on the timeline board.

The impact will be positive. Even though you are not going to extend open invitation to join the exclusive customer-base that you had built over a period of time, the very fact that your brand’s heritage being conceded from one generation to generation will raise positive impact on prospective customers.

It is possible to carry on your exclusivity by letting your existing members extend invitation to add new members and thus you will be able to build a creamy layer that enjoy the quality of product or level of service you are providing.

You can serve the members of your social network in a unique and innovative way that adds value to your existing customers. The resulting satisfaction will further tighten the bondage between the customer and the brand.

Success stories

Burberry – the luxurious fashion brand is the leading brand in utilizing the emerging opportunities in the social media world. It has a successful track record in maintaining Facebook Timeline and Twitter presence. The brand is able to identify the virtual destinations enjoyed by a majority of its customers and has positioned its presence in most appropriate forms.

Burberry has tried all means to promote business through social media networks and it has achieved a 21% rise in profits through social media promotions alone. It has remarkable success in customer engagement, operational efficiency and consolidation of brand momentum.

Rue La La – the designer brand has a website which will not give access to non-members have created a silent revolution in social media marketing. You will not have any clue about its presence on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr when you check the homepage of the site.

It has a quarter million fans on Facebook that receive updates and special offers on a regular basis. All these fans are securely protected by the Rue La La filter. Rue La La is still able to maintain its exclusivity and allures others to peep through Rue La La.

The luxury Brand, Mercedes has explored the potential of Twitter to serve their customers in a different way. Mercedes customers will get alerts for ‘availability of parking space’ as they move around busy cities in Stuttgart, Germany. Drivers are relieved from great pain as they need not search for a parking place in busy streets. A tweet will be generated instantaneously advising driver to utilize the parking space.

Hotels and Resorts chain, Fourseasons is really a smart and seasoned user of social media sites. It has created individual accounts for each and every hotel and resort and showcases the information as well as engaging with customers in a more realistic way.


Social media has unique advantage that cannot be tolerated by the most luxurious brands present on the planet earth. The only difference is the way the social media resources are adapted by luxury brands to showcase information and to engage with their customers that brings real success.

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