How to Build Your Email List Faster: A Guide for New Businesses

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Email marketing is important for any new business and has the power to help retain customers and influence more purchases. Email marketing doesn’t need to cost a penny at the start, meaning all you must worry about is what your emails should contain. Here is how your new business can build an email list faster. 

Include a Pop-Up

Customers shouldn’t have to search to join your mailing list. When they come across your website, a pop-up is enough to ensure twice as many customers sign up than if they had to search or click onto a different page to do so. Pop-ups can be bothersome, but there are ways to stop this email reminder from irritating your customers. Simply set the pop-up to only appear once a potential customer has been on your website for over a minute, and then it should only appear once a week for each visitor. If you haven’t made your website yet, get started on this now.

Find an Incentive

With competition in the business world being fiercer than ever, you need more than a newsletter as an incentive to join your email list. If you already have an incentive and aren’t seeing many people join, it may be that your incentive just isn’t enough. This may mean offering a larger discount than you would normally, but having a larger mailing list is worth it. Once you have attracted customers in with your incentive, your emails need to look the part to retain these new readers. New businesses should make use of free email templates that can make your emails look professional and beautiful, without needing to learn how to code.

Find Emails of Your Target Customers

If you need to bootstrap your email list faster then you can try finding emails of your target customers online such as on LinkedIn. Finding emails of your target customers can be automated using a tools such as email scraper online. Do make sure to email them with good marketing copy with a well written cold email as they can be potential good leads.

Use a Tablet in Store

Not every business is solely online, so if you have your own store, try using a tablet to get more sign-ups. Using a written email list may mean losing customers to poor handwriting, but the use of a tablet can bring more customers to your email list, and quickly. Try offering an incentive at the till, such as 10% off their order when they sign-up, and you will see your email list grow daily. Perhaps offer a discount for their next shop too, meaning they are more likely to return. 

Run a Contest

Many new businesses build their email list up through the use of a contest. Offer a great prize, either a free product or anything else that you can afford to give; the bigger the prize, the bigger you should see your list grow. Facebook is the main platform used for these types of contest, as you can share posts with friends, but Instagram is another great platform if you prefer. You may even want to join with another similar company to do a “shared giveaway”. 

Getting your new business off the ground is going to take a lot of work but the quicker you can build up an email list, the more customers are going to see your new offers, promotions, and products. Follow these tips to build your email list faster.  

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