Business Blogging Tips To Generate Leads

business blogging tips

Your blog is an inseparable extension of your business and deserves top-notch care and commitment.

Not only can your blog boost your visibility and online presence, it can also generate solid business leads and convert visitor interest into hard revenues.

Presented below are the best blogging procedures to generate definite business leads:

Integrate Your Online Resources

Your blog ought to perfectly blend with your online resources such as your web site and social media portals. Ensure that the design, appearance, tone, and content of your online resources are uniform and that you provide proper links to enable visitors to seamlessly view all your offerings.

You should also host your blog and web site on a common server and have them share a common domain name.

Maintain Flawless Blog Posts

Winning and error-free blog submissions go a long way in pleasing new and established readers alike. Hence you should:

  • Have grammatically correct, inventive, succinct, and absorbing content.
  • Embellish your posts with images and video clips.
  • Employ appealing headlines and post titles.
  • Use apt keywords to generate search traffic.

Employ Comprehensive Linking

By exhaustively linking sections of your blog with other external material, you can generate a large amount of leads.

In this context, you can connect blog post keywords with other articles on your online space that contain those keywords. Moreover, you can link strategic portions of your content to landing pages.

Get Your Banner Technicalities Right

Banners and Call-To-Action (CTA) advertisements are very important components of your business blog and key to engendering leads. There are a number of things to consider in this context:

  • Ensure that banners placed on the top, sides, and bottom of your blog pages are well structured, colored vibrantly, and prominently displayed.
  • Make sure that these banners are embedded in both your home page and landing pages.
  • Ascertain that the banners espouse attractive offers and pertinent content that cater specifically to readers’ tastes and preferences.
  • Explore the possibilities of harnessing smart CTAs that intelligently change in accordance with the type and number of leads outputted.
  • Always feature relevant and regularly updated content in your banners.

Use RSS Feeds and Other Subscription Amenities

Ascertain that you have a mechanism that informs people about your blog speedily and effectively. Take advantage of RSS feeds, newsletter, and email subscription services that apprise potential customers about your blog and invite attention to your products and services.

Harness Social Networking

Being active on the social media front can give rise to increased traffic to your blog and consequently sufficient leads. Hence you ought to:

  • Populate your blog with links to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Participate in social networking forums and be an avid commenter.

Flourishing social media interactions will promote sharing of links in a better manner.

Be Regular

Continually generating leads is an arduous exercise involving dedication and toil hence being a consistent and frequent blogger is vital. You may engage experts and editorial assistants to help maintain your blog.

Prioritize Your Customers

Finally – customer emphasis is paramount. Through your blog, you must interact with your final customers habitually and attempt to solve their queries expeditiously – this will surely help sustain your leads.

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Theresa likes to follow technology related news which enables her to write comprehensive insights and reviews on gadgets, software, mobile phones and other technology stuffs. She is currently working as a writer for FTV offering FiOS TV deals and services.

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  1. I have seen blogs that have grammatical errors that you could drive a truck through but the bloggers are still growing their brand and making money. Sometimes, grammar takes a back seat especially when the information in the post is that good. Good List!

  2. Hey Theresa! Those are very nice tips and I always believe in the content! Unless we produce great content, we cannot expect traffic and so do leads.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Most businesses are too scared of asking their blog readers to sign up whenever they can. Start placing the sign up box wherever you can (after a blog post, on top of the sidebar, before the content or if you want to try the extreme, an unblockable popup). Some of these may hurt usability but they helped to increased the number of subscribers for many blogs so do try it out and you might be surprised by the results.

  4. Good points to consider. To get more visitors and get them back to your site, it is very important to write good articles. Create a relationship with other bloggers is another way to get to be seen and considered.

  5. Hi All,

    I hope you all learned something from my article. Thank you for letting me post this article so that I can share it to all the readers.

    Have a great day!

  6. I completely agree with your tips here and the final word to prioritize customers is most important. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

  7. Hi Fatima and others,

    I am very happy because I know I was able to impart my knowledge to you guys and that you learned something from it.

    Have a great day everyone!

  8. Great post Theresa. I think mailing lists and subscription are two of the most incredible ways to get more leads for our businesses.

  9. Generating business leads can be done in many ways and you talked about the most important ones in this article. I totally agree with harnesing social netwrorking and flawless blog posts. Quality content always bring benefits. This is some very useful information for a company that wants to improve their blog.


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