The Buzz On New Apple iPhone 5

apple iphone 5

Market analysts are expecting the launch of a new Apple iPhone in the month of October. There is wide spread rumors in media about the new design and features. Till now, Apple has four versions of its iPhones. Version change happened whenever there is change in the Apple Operating System.

Ever since the first iPod was launched by Apple in the year 2007, there was constant addition of new features and applications with every new piece launched. It was a huge success when the new iPod was available for sale for the first time in the US market. People waited in queue for hours together to get their first iPhone.

The same success story repeated in other countries including UK, France, Germany and Australia. In order to get the big chunk of the market, Apple had reduced its iPhone’s price at regular intervals. Currently Apple iPhone 4 is priced less than 10% of its first time price, when it was launched in the year 2007.

Out of the total profit made out of cell phone sales of any brand, 50% of the profit is attributed to Apple alone by mere selling of 4% of Apple phones. As Android based Smartphone market has picked up, there is steady decline in Apple iPhone sales. As you know, Android phones offer high end features supported by Google.

With the sleek hand-held devices you will be able to take office to your home. You can be in touch with anyone at anytime. Androids have become a way of life for teenagers and business circles. Apple wants to gear up its sales by adding new set of features and applications. For this reason, lot of interest is created among the general public as well as tech analysts who would like to figure out the new additions at the earliest.

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As of now, Apple has more than 400 thousand approved applications (including from third parties) which will help you perform wide variety of tasks and functions. Apple iPhone is featured with high resolution display, video recording and video calling using 3G facility and video calls through Skype. It is expected that the new iPod from Apple will be a sleek one with high battery backup and high speed processor.

It is estimated that Apple is targeting sale of around 25 million pieces by the end of the year 2011. In order to make a mega sale of Apple iPhone 5, it is expected to come with more refined features. The new model is expected to be thinner than the current one and it will be featured with cloud based media service, iCloud.

The new iPhone may be equipped with 64 GB of storage space, face recognition features and highest level of signal strength that was not experienced by any other mobile so far. The battery of Apple iPhone is expected to give back up for 14 hours when used on 3G and 7 hours when used on 4G.

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone at any moment and this new development will lead to new race in smart phone world. How Apple is going to overtake Android buzz will be revealed in the coming days!

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  1. The target for Apple iPhone 5 is unexpected as currently Apple iPhone 4S is giving them a record break numbers in sales. Got a good understanding about the buzz of Apple iPhone 5 and lets wait for it to be released and see what the people has to say about it. Thanks for sharing


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