The Secrets To Choosing The Right Gaming Laptops

The Secrets To Choosing The Right Gaming Laptops

The market is flooded with laptops of various sizes, various brands and various features. As we know a laptop can be held on the lap and we can work more comfortably. We can carry wherever we want. The advantage of a laptop over desktop is its flexibility in carrying from place to place and the battery backup.

Even though there is limitation of size in the design process when compared with traditional desktops, now-a-days laptops are able to offer more powerful and advanced features beating even desktops. When you want to pick up a laptop from the available best gaming laptops, you need to check which laptop configuration best suits your gaming amusement.

Once you purchase a laptop, there will be little or no room to upgrade your laptop. So, enough care should be taken before settling for a laptop for your gaming purpose.

As gaming software demands high processing speed and memory usage, you should take these factors into consideration before picking up a laptop from online or offline store. Almost all brands are able to deliver the goods at the same level in terms of warranty and guarantee.

What makes top gaming laptops different from other multitude of brands is their ability to withstand the tremendous heat generated from the processor when it runs at several hundreds of revolutions per minute. In addition to the memory available from the mother board, a dedicated memory (graphics card) to support video graphics should be employed to dump the voluminous data to be analyzed at the back end.

All these things should happen on the background without any trace of flicker on the screen. Best gaming laptops will ensure that you cherish your gaming experience at its peak!

Eon 17 from Origin PC can be listed as the best gaming laptop with its desktop sized powerful processors which unleash great thrust on your gaming console. The laptop comes with Core i7 processor, memory channels which can be extended up to 24 GB and DDR3 RAM.

You can also connect up to 3 hard drives which makes this top gaming laptop as one of the expensive laptops in the world. Obviously, the laptop can give battery backup of about one hour only as the battery will be consumed at a brisk pace.

Alienware M18x is one of the top gaming laptops which come with dual NVidia Graphics card or dual AMD Graphical Processor Units. The laptop can work at up to 4 GHz when it is in Turbo Boost mode. The laptop can easily dominate most of the desktop gaming computers with its powerful graphic display resolution.

Alienware M17x comes next in Alienware range of top gaming laptops. The advantage with this laptop is you will be able configure most of the hardware suit as per your requirements.

One of the best gaming laptops from Asus is Asus G74Sx. It is cheaper than many of its close competitors yet it delivers high performance. The laptop is available in 3D and non-3D versions also. HP Envy can be considered as one of the best gaming laptops from HP series.

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  1. For me the ultimate gaming laptop is Toshiba Qosmio X500-Q900S.
    The specs of Toshiba Qosmio X500-Q900S is i7-740QM Processor with 1TB (2x500GB) hard drive (7200rpm). 6GB DDR3 Memory and 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® 460M discrete graphics – next generation graphics card with HD performance and true stereoscopic 3D. Plus, an 18.4 inch 1920×1080 native resolution display with Blu-ray Disc.

    • Rahul you’re right. I’ve used a Toshiba laptop (not a gaming one) for about 6 years. Even after spilling water, apple juice and dropping once from the table, it still works great! I love Toshiba for that matter.

  2. Hi Jane ,
    Alienware is the best gaming laptop I think. The feeling and the experience I have in alienware, that’s really nice……….


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