HP iPad: HP’s Setback With Touchpad May Reverse With Android Tablet

hp ipad

HP – Hewlett Packard is a well known brand in printers and computer world. It has established its presence for more than 6 decades and has delivered remarkable products with diverse applications. HP’s Touchpad was a great failure in its range of products. The company is quite successful in delivering personal computers and laptops of various sizes and features.

But the company doesn’t want to stay back after the Touch pad as it strives to make its presence by re entering the market with a tablet. Otherwise, it is more probable that the company will be viewed more as a company that makes printers only. As it has done in the past, the company would like to strike a deal with Apple to release HP iPad with Apple license.

HP had a blow a decade back by having tie-up with Apple. Apple was unsuccessful in promoting its own product, Apple iPod. HP stopped its plans of presenting MP3 player of its own to the world. Instead, it sold Apple iPods with HP seal on it. The resulting HP iPod was a huge failure.

By that time, customers believed the capability of Apple and opted for pure Apple iPods. Thus the tie-up was a huge failure. In spite of the drawbacks and defeat HP plans to go hand in hand with Apple expecting a different ball game this time. Tech geeks are closely watching these new developments with wide eyes.

HP seems to believe that as long as Apple’s winning streak continues, it will benefit from it by having partnership with them. The company believes that there is scope for business in this line and the healthy competition may help HP iPad perform better.

Apple may not lose by HP iPad strategy. As long as customers prefer Apple iPods, they will be able to make business out of it. For those who don’t want to go for Apple because of the feeling of too tech or old people who cannot catch immediately may fall prey to Android based other brands like Samsung’s copycat of Apple, Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Here comes the opportunity to sideline Samsung’s piece by effectively chalking out a strategy with the sales people at stores. Those who are not happy with Apple iPod may end up with HP iPad with the active participation and support of sales personnel.

There is an immediate urge from HP’s point of view to come with its own iPod. Even though it can produce an item in similar shape and performance levels of Apple iPod, it may face lawsuits from Apple as Apple has already sued both Samsung and HTC for the same cause. The only available option before HP is to go for Apple licensed IPod to beat the stiff competition from Android based brands.

HP has the capability to produce its own tablet also and can explore a different line of tie up with Apple. Having had a debacle with touchpad that idea may seems to be too crazy! What do you think?

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  1. I’m sorry to say but i don’t think this is a smart move from HP. I mean, i’m an android fan but i don’t think Android OS will be successful in the tablet industry. It lacks functionality and there’s a lot of limitations with this OS when it comes to tablet. I think HP would need to come up with a better idea rather than reversing to Android.


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