Chaos Battle League Review – Real-Time Multiplayer Smackdown

In our hunt to find games similar to Clash Royale, we came across Chaos Battle League which is one of the nicer implemented clone of the hugely popular game mechanics of real-time dual. While a lot of concepts as well as game characters offered by Chaos Battle League are similar to those offered by Clash Royale, we did find many refreshing changes including new characters and game elements. Read our review to find out if you should try this game.

Chaos Battle League

Chaos Battle League is a free to download game offered by This Game Studio, Inc. on Google Play Store. While the game can be played for free, some optional in-game items are available for purchase. Let us have a look at different aspects of this game to see if it is worth spending time or money on this game.


If you are familiar with Clash Royale, you will find the game play of Chaos Battle League very similar. It consists of dueling an opponent in real-time with a set of battle cards that are unlocked through toasters. These toasters are awarded to you upon winning battles or after you complete certain quests. You also get free toasters every few hours. Unlocking a toaster takes time but you can spend gems (in-game currency) to open them instantly.

Apart from choosing the characters you want to take in each battle you can also choose the type of attack your defensive towers will do. Additionally, there is a special ability which can be used during a battle to support your troops and hold off your opponents. These extra features are not currently present in Clash Royale and are unique to Chaos Battle League as far as we have seen.

There are many battle characters offered by the game and many new characaters get released regularly. Some of the unique characters present in the game are Medusa, Frankestine, Kraken etc.

You can choose to join a Guild and trade cards with your guild members or complete quests together to unlock perks. Overall, Chaos Battle League offers a solid game-play which is only ruined a little by unbalanced cards. However the developers keep doing balance changes to keep overpowered cards in check.


Chaos Battle league has amazing looking graphics. All the battle characters and battle arenas look gorgeous and have attention to detail. The only downside is that sometime the battle arena gets too crowded and you may not be able to easily figure out what characters are in battle especially if you have a small screen phone.


Similar to Clash Royale, Chaos Battle League offers simple touch based controls which are easy to handle even with one hand. Precise placement of troops is possible on the arena but it may take time to master.


Given that the game is free and you can grow your characters through free toasters by completing quests as well as trading cards in guild, we feel the game offers good fun for free. In-app purchases are offered along with regular deals which may feel as overpriced to some players.

Our Verdict

Overall, we feel the game has been implemented well and as the community grows, the social aspects of the game will also grow. You can have hours of fun with this game, just keep in mind that an internet connection is required to play. If you like this game and have not already tried Clash Royale, then you may want to play that too.

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Chaos Battle League Review
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Controls
  • Cost


– Enjoyable without paying
– Quests
– Social aspects (Guilds)
– Unique Chracters

– Cards take long time to upgrade if not spending money
– Stable internet connection required
– No offline play
– Clash Royale Clone

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