Top 8 Games Like Clash Royale and Best Alternatives to Play on Android

Do you like playing Clash Royale and are looking for best alternative games to play? We have here a collection of best Clash Royale alternatives that you can download and play on your Android phone. These games offer a similar game-play like Clash Royale which involves dueling an online opponent in an arena with a battle deck.

Games similar to Clash Royale that are good are generally hard to find. You will notice many clones and rip-offs of this game in the app store. These clones are generally poorly executed and don’t function as expected. However, there do exist some popular game titles from big publishers such as Gameloft, which offer you similar gaming experience as of Clash Royale. We will take a look at all such games in this post.

Before we begin, you may want to read our Clash Royale review to get an idea of what Clash Royale offers.

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is a real time strategy game by Gameloft, which involves battle units as well as arena similar to those of Clash Royale. The entire game-play is built around real world battle and wars involving para-troops, gunners, tanks etc. If you have played Clash Royale, you will be comfortable getting the grip of this game while loving the twists offered by different characters in Blitz Brigade.

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Castle Crush

Instead of having a top-down arena, Castle Crush features a sideways arena, similar to Plant vs Zombies. There are three lanes where units can be placed. A major difference from Clash Royale is that units in each lane don’t interact directly with each other. Moreover, Castle present on each side of player doesn’t shoot any arrows. Nonetheless, this is another fun little game to play which offers daily rewards and unlock-able characters which you can take to battle with online players.


Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl is another online battle game which you can play with friends or find random opponents to battle with. It involve battle with heroes or Titans as called by the game. Battle lasts for 3 minutes and you need to take out your enemy’s towers and destroy their Totem. There is also a campaign mode available which includes 30 different fights.


Star Wars™: Force Arena

If you love Star Wars and well as Clash Royale then you will surely like this game Star Wars™: Force Arena. It involves battling PvP in real-time online battles with your chosen commander such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia etc. along with a set of battle troops. Unlike Clash Royale, you can control the characters’ movement in this game and command them to attack certain enemy units. Battle Cards are upgrade-able just like Clash Royale and your goal is to destroy your opponent’s shield generator.


Chaos Battle League

Chaos Battle League by “This Game Studio” is another game similar to Clash Royale that offers online arena for real-time 1v1 battles. You can upgrade your battle cards after finding them through a toaster that you get after winning battles. Unlocking a toaster is similar to unlocking chests in Clash Royale, however, you can speed up the unlocking process by watching an advertisement which will please many casual players.

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Tribal Mania

Tribal Mania has always been famous/in-famous for being a Clash Royale clone as it has a lot of similarities including similar game-play, interface layouts as well as battle characters. If you are looking for a game close to what Clash Royale offers then this might be the one, however be aware that many players complain about terrible matchmaking which matches you with high level players during battle who are impossible to beat.


Jungle Clash

Jungle Clash gives a military twist to the Clash Royale game-play and offers you an army which you can take to real-time PvP battle. Similar to Clash Royale, you can form clans and play with friends in this game.


Royale Clans – Clash of Wars

This is another Clash Royale clone game which even borrows part of Clash Royale name in its own name. Many game elements are similar to that offered by Clash Royale including the battle cards and realms (arenas),


While most of the games above do offer some unique experience which is different from Clash Royale game-play, some of them are quite similar to what Clash Royale is. Some of the most blatant rip-offs of Clash Royale have already ceased to exist in the app store and hence we have reasons to believe that the games listed above are generally better than a poorly executed clone. Moreover the app store ratings and downloads of these games are also on a higher side.

Which other games similar to Clash Royale do you like? Did we miss any game in our list? Let us know in comments below.

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