Top 5 Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting Services

A few days ago Google finally launched the much anticipated cloud hosting service Google Drive, which is to compete with services like Dropbox. But this Google Drive brings even more questions about what cloud hosting service should be used because we have so many alternatives and of such quality that it seems difficult to choose one in particular.


We will start with one of the more recent alternative to this situation, called  Box, a service that provides a capacity of 5GB free unlimited and can be expanded through a business plan. This amount is the same as Google Drive and also offered by a lot of rivals so you could say that it is about average.

As the maximum size of the files in the free version is 25 MB still a bit less, while the paid version can be unlimited.

For Whom is Box Recommended? To companies which need large amounts of files in the cloud because in the plans they offer we can have even  unlimited capacity for our stuff, something that can be very helpful for companies.


This service is well known among fellow members who use ROMs because it is one of the most used services for these tasks (still do not know why). The advantage of Wuala is encrypted data and allows us to synchronize backups between the cloud and the computer.

It offers 5 GB of free storage and up to 100 GB for companies but payment plans are more expensive than its rivals.

For Whom is Wuala Recommended? to anyone looking for a little extra security, constant backups  or looking to upload large files because it allows upto 14 GB.


SugarSync is one of the best alternatives. It offers 5 GB of raw storage (free) and all with a perfect balance between stability, ease, versatility and capacity. I would say that along with Google Drive  it is the true rival of Dropbox.

For Whom is SugarSync Recommended? Who uses multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iPhone OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry) because we can access from any device to the data hosted here.


The newest, the best known and most widespread. Dropbox is so far the king in the cloud storage.

The base storage is at 2 GB , which can be expanded by inviting friends to Dropbox. for each guest would be 500 MB more free and can reach up to 16 GB. If instead we look for price plans, we can reach up to 1 TB of service.

Also, the file size is unlimited so we can upload documents, movies and any size.

Google Drive

It is the most recent enterant from Google in cloud Storage. Basically, it offers 5GB for free, which can be expanded up to 16 TB with payment plans.

To whom Google Dive is Recommended? Those who constantly use Google services for integration with these is practically perfect.

I personally use Dropbox and Google Drive although I must admit that alternatives such as SugarSync (as compatible platforms) attracts me. But I think Dropbox and Drive are sufficient for normal user.

What service do you use? Would you be moving to Google Drive? You think it’s a serious competitor?

Greg Salter has deep knowledge of Android Phones. He spends most of his time while exploring and updating android Phones. His hobbies mainly include gaming and he has written a detailed review of Cut the Rope Android game.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Cloud Hosting Services”

  1. Hi Greg,

    this is an interesting overview. I use Dropbox and I am very happy with them because the Mac/iPhone intergration works flawlessly.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


  2. I also use Dropbox and I was planning on using Google Drive, because I read about it and I needed more space for my files, but I forgot about it. Thanks for bringing this up, along with Wuala, Box and SugarSync!

  3. I’ve always used MediaFire, but other than Dropbox, haven’t heard much about the different Cloud Services available. Does each service offer certain features over others or, are they all basically the same? I have the basic MediaFire account, but I don’t think I’m using even close to the amount of storage I’m paying for. I just checked my account and I have 1.93 TB of rolled over bandwidth available! How would I determine my current monthly usage? Then it’s just a matter of pricing out different service providers, correct?

  4. Hello Greg! Interesting article. Though, I haven’t got a chance to use the other cloud services but I’ve used Dropbox and it was totally awesome. However, I want to try out the Google Drive. Imagine storing in 16 TB. That’s cool.


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