Top 6 Gadgets for Home Security

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Famous television icon MacGyver was the master of complicated security techniques that could deter any bad guy.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the skill or know-how to disable a bomb with an empty soda bottle or capture a burglar with a pencil and a slice of cheese.

Instead, we need to rely on technology we can buy that is inexpensive, effective, and simple to use. Here are a few of the best home security gadgets available on the market today:

1. Door Stop Wedge Alarm

This little device is under $10, and has a lot of use. You put it on the floor near any door (as long as the door opens inwards) and wait.

When someone tries to enter the room, it physically blocks the door from opening, and sounds a 125 dB alarm which will definitely scare away intruders. This gadget is often used by travelers in hotel rooms, too.

2. Motion Sensor Devices

These come in every size, shape and price range. Home security experts recommend motion sensor lighting outside homes to surprise burglars who might try to break in undetected.

You can also buy motion sensors that trigger realistic dog barking sounds, inside lights, and other things that will deter a criminal.

3. Driveway Alarms

These are small sensors that alert you if someone is walking or driving up your driveway. They are also useful for your deck, the walkway around your house, or other areas where strangers shouldn’t be walking.

When triggered, you’ll hear an alert or alarm inside your home, giving you time to check if it is a friend or foe, and call the police if necessary.

4. Biometric Fingerprint Locks

These high tech locks are the future of security. Biometric fingerprint locks for your home mean that you won’t need a key, and they can’t be easily broken in to by burglars.

If you take a lot of walks, or have forgetful teenagers, you can keep your home secure and never worry about who has found your lost key. You can also get biometric safes and gun trigger locks.

5. Video Surveillance

There are many systems on the market today, and they can be as simple or complex as you need. Most use a trigger of some kind, like an open/close or motion sensor.

Some video-only setups, like the ones from Lorex or Zmodo, come with DVRs to record video. The other option is a complete security system with video, from companies like LifeShield, which combine a full security system with video.

The video cameras record for a specific amount of time every time the trigger is set off, and you can go back and review the video at a later date.

6. GPS Tracking and Data Protection Services

Ok, this one isn’t a gadget per se, but it can protect you if a burglar does strike. There are smartphone & computer apps and services you can pay for which can

(A) Backup your data in case your device is stolen,

(B) Use the GPS or Internet IP address to track down the location when the burglar turns it on, and

(C) Lock and disable the device rendering it useless until you get it back.

The best part is that they apps can lead the police directly to your burglar and help you get back your stolen property. A few popular apps offering this service include Find my iPhone, Lookout, and LoJack for Laptops.

In 2010, there were more than 2 million burglars in the US. To put that into perspective, one burglary occurred every 15 seconds. According to FBI crime reports, burglars stole more than $4 billion, and only 289,769 burglars went to prison that year.

Today the average burglar steals over $2000 worth of stuff from a single break-in. Unless your name is MacGyver, or you have plenty of money to throw away, pick up a few of these gadgets and keep the bad guys away!

Rodney is a life-long technology and gadget geek, having been an early adopter of the internet back in the early 90s. These days, he works as a freelance journalist writing for numerous technology publications, with a particular focus on consumer technology. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

8 thoughts on “Top 6 Gadgets for Home Security”

  1. my best gadget is the camera. i installed 3 hidden camera in our house; one in the garden, one the parking and the last in the sitting room. i like exploring these place while sitting in my room.

    • I’m not a fan of the hidden camera.
      The better option is to put a visible camera as a deterrent. In addition it will give much better low light performance, which is needed in most homes for external surveillance

  2. Cameras are definitely the way to go. My wife and I have them installed at our fingerprint access gym and they offer peace-of-mind like none other. Despite the fact that members can use the gym whenever they want, we have yet to have an issue, and even if we did, we’d have it on film. Definitely worth the investment to protect your home or business.

  3. I think door step wedge alarm is the best for me! I love the barking dog feature of motion sensor devices too so I think I’l take a little time to decide between the 2! Very true GPS apps are very helpful and my friend actually tracked and found her lost laptop with it!

  4. For me, surveillance cameras are the best thing that keep the burglars away. I can watch the garden and the interior of my house even on my iPhone, no matter where I am.

  5. Interesting. For some reason, I haven’t thought about the connection between tracking an IP address and tracking a GPS device. I realize that computers are used all the time to track GPS devices, but I’ve never thought about the fact that a GPS device can track a computer. That’s a pretty creative idea for protecting your devices.

  6. These gadgets are great for home security. I want to buy a surveillance camera with sound alarm. The problem is where I can find and purchase this item. But I do not want to use many gadgets and make my home feel like a prison or police station.

  7. Good pointers,I already carried out most but didn’t consider my patio door being lifted although it is looked at all times i will certainly be testing to see if this can be done


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