Inaccuracies In Content Marketing


Content marketing is a cost effective publicity stunt. You can achieve great results in less time. However, the overall spending on online promotions is very less compared to offline spending.

We shall find the difficulties and mistakes committed by marketing professionals in the promotion of products and services through digital media. We shall find the mistakes committed in the process of content distribution.

Overcoming drawbacks of content marketing

It is estimated that only 10% of the budget allocated to promote brands is flowing into online channels. Marketing heads are under the impression that only offline channels can achieve optimum results for branding.

The major chunk of promotional budget is allocated to various offline channels including television, radio and print media. Part of the offline promotion also happens through advertisements posted on movie screenings and by sponsoring various offline events like sports, concerts, etc.

Online promotions should be able to catch the emotions of the audience. It is true that television advertisement will not make one run to the store and purchase the product immediately after watching the advertisement. But, the advertisement will leave a lasting impact on the audience.

If the advertisement is able to catch the emotional aspect of a human-being, the brand will be visible in the customer sight for a long period of time. As soon as you spot the product, your mind will be able to reconstruct the image that you had by viewing the promotional advertisement.

Similar kind of experience is expected in online promotions as well. When businesses can rectify this drawback, there will be a substantial improvement in online marketing channels.

Vigorous promotions in content marketing

You should be able to promote content in various ways. Content means not only the ‘text and images’ but also the ‘animation and video clips’. In fact, you should choose a blend of channels to effectively promote your products and services.

Businesses should not fail to deliver the content effectively. The content should fit into the screen size of various devices used by the audience. It is not only the quality and quantity of the content but also the clarity of content that matters most.

You should imbibe creativity in all online promotions. As you invest more for production of quality video clips and quality blog posts with top class illustrations, you are sure to reap proportionate benefits.

You should be able to utilize the available social opportunities and should engage the audience in effective ways. The interaction with customers and influencers should happen on a daily basis.The content should deliver the information.

It should educate the customers. Another greatest trait of a promotional content is the proportion of entertainment. By including these three factors i.e., education, information and entertainment you can attract new customers as well. You will be able to convince the usefulness of your product by adopting these techniques.

Further, the content should be delivered on a regular basis. Consistent efforts will give results over a period of time. It is unwise to expect results in a short period of time. By delivering high quality content, you will get ample opportunities to get reviews of your content in various publications.

The content posted by you should be tweeted and re-tweeted by real customers. If a satisfied customer creates and posts a video depicting the way he or she is using the product, the impact will be more on the general public.

A suggestion given by the consumer has more weight than a suggestion given by a friend. The benefits derived through high quality content marketing should be assessed on long-term basis.

As marketing is evolving on a continuous basis, if you would like to get the most from your online content marketing promotions, you should be serene enough to utilize the opportunities that arise in new forms. You should be able to understand and implement the successful measures achieved by third parties as well.

5 thoughts on “Inaccuracies In Content Marketing”

  1. The advertising budget for my business is split in a half: 50% to online marketing, 50% to the old offline channels and I have been using this “recipe” for about one year. After one year I could say that in my niche, I got most of the benefits from the offline channels, which means two things: either the market is not so receptive to online marketing, either I use the wrong tools.

  2. I think in some niches online marketing is only just blossoming. However I think people should consider it as an investment. You might not see the benefits straightaway but you are likely to see benefits for a long time.

  3. It is not that much easy to attract customers to follow your business, unless with a new content.
    So to promote the product in Online you should be able to catch the emotions of the audience first, by offering some kind of any products. Mostly it should be consider it as an investment to their purpose.

  4. Nice informative post. Really i loved and enjoyed by reading this article. I total agree for you added in this article. Content is king of all promotional activities. In general most of the people target there there business by placing their website in many of the directories. As per the update this process had totally vanished. Thanks for sharing this article


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