20 Cool Halloween Images for Free Download and Premium

Get into the spirit of Halloween with this collection of cool Halloween images we have prepared for you. From scary and spooky to artistic and cute, these pictures represent the traditions and symbols associated with Halloween such as carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating, and decorating your home on this eve.

These Halloween themed images would make a great choice to add a fun, spooky touch to your website, app, social media posts as well as in designing Halloween flyers and greetings. Some of these images will also give you inspiration for fun activities and decoration ideas for the holiday.

All these cool and fun images on Halloween are available for download in high-resolution JPG formats. Read on to take a look at these beautifully crafted Halloween images and download them in full resolution. And while you are at it, we also suggest you to check out these funny Halloween jokes to share with your family and friends.

Cool and Free Halloween Images

Below you will find free Halloween images from image sites such as Pexels and Pixabay. Some of these images are CC0 licensed or are in public domain that you can use in your commercial work without attribution. While some free photos may require you to attribute their owners.

Glass of Cafe Latte with Pumpkin Art

Glass of Cafe Latte

A close-up image of Pumpkin coffee art drawn over a glass of cafe latte with witch hat sticker in the background. Available for free download from Pexels.


Pumpkin and Skull on Table

Pumpkin and Skull on

This free image from Pexels combines the cuteness of pumpkin stickers, creepiness of painted zombie hand and skull with autumn foliage to create a perfect Halloween atmosphere.


Halloween Ghosts Happy

Halloween Ghosts Happy

Free for commercial use image with ghost figurines in the foreground, ideal for sending happy Halloween wishes.


Yellow Spider Decor during Night Time

yellow spider decors during

A night time image of a lit up field of spider jack-o-lanterns creating a nice bokeh effect. Portraying a unique pumpkin carving idea for Halloween, you can download this high resolution image for free from Unsplash .


Halloween Flat Lay Image

Halloween Flat Lay Free

Top view image of pumpkin, creepy eyeballs, cute ghosts, spiders and Halloween letters placed on a wooden table. This image in autumn color theme will be perfect for your website and social media posts.


Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Halloween Painted Pumpkins Free

A free image of hand painted pumpkins with trick or treat words written on one and traditional Halloween symbols including bats and ghosts made on the other. A craftsy decor idea for those looking for inspiration.


Witch’s House Witch Moonlight

WitchS House The Witch

This creepy image composition of silhouettes of a haunted house and a witch flying on a broom with moon in the background will provide a nice backdrop for your Halloween posters and flyers. Available for free download from Pixabay.


White and Black Halloween Treats On Round Plate

White and Black Halloween

A delicious image of baked cute ghost and bat cookies, hot chocolate with marshmallows placed over a spiderweb like cloth. The textured fabric background provides enough space for placing your own text.


Pumpkins and Trick or Treat Sign Light Background

Pumpkins and Trick or

Light background image with trick or treat sign and different colored pumpkins with copy space on the top.


Making Halloween Decorations

Making Halloween Decorations Free

A free photo showing hands making decoration items for Halloween shot from top.


Premium Halloween Royalty Free Images

In this section you will find Halloween themed stock images available with premium subscription of Shutterstock that will also grant you access to its stock of millions of images. Please note that some of the links below are our affiliate links.

Zombie Hand Rising Out Graveyard Spooky Photo

Zombie Hand Rising Out

This night-scene image of zombie hand rising out of graveyard in a cemetery will add a spooky feel to wherever it is used whether in flyers or blog posts.


Happy Halloween Family Preparations

Happy Halloween Mother Father

Holidays are meant to be celebrated with your family and friends. This image captures this essence of togetherness by portraying Halloween preparations including pumpkin carving and related family activities.


Holidays Decoration Party Concept Scary Air

Holidays Decoration Party Concept

A high resolution image of Halloween party balloons with scary faces on a white background.


Spooky Pumpkin Moon Dark Image

Halloween Background Spooky Pumpkin

This night-time background image with a spooky jack-o-lantern lighting up the foggy landscape scene will be suited as a backdrop of your posters and banners.


Halloween Cat Hat Stock Photo

Halloween Cat Hat Stock

A cute cat wearing witch hat and posing with carved pumpkins in the background will add a heartwarming feel to any design you use it in.


Halloween Holiday Decorations Concept

Halloween Holiday Decorations Concept

This image is all about decoration concept for the 31st October with its chalkboard trick or treat message with a nice sparkly bokeh effect in the background.


Children Black Orange Witch Costume

Children Black Orange Witch

A royalty free stock photo of kids playing in a park dressed up in witch costumes and holding their trick or treat baskets.


Happy Halloween Carving Pumpkin On Table

Happy Halloween Carving Pumpkin

A warm tone image of carved pumpkins, candies and Halloween home decor.


Funny Delicious Ginger Biscuits Halloween

Funny Delicious Ginger Biscuits

Top view image of fun and creative Halloween ginger biscuits placed on a rustic wooden surface and plenty of space to include your message or text.


Halloween Decorations On Pastel Gray Background

Halloween Decorations On Pastel

A modern light background image with Halloween decorations in orange, black and gray color scheme with space for your copy in the center.


We hope you liked this collection of cool, fun and amusing Halloween images. Do share on your social media channels and spread the word. You might as well want to try out these Halloween fonts with these images for creating visuals for Halloween.

As you gear up for Halloween costume parties, do not forget to dress up your mobile and computer screens with these Halloween wallpapers as well. Have fun!

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