Cyber Security Concerns of Small Businesses

Cyber security

Internet technologies are offering plenty of resources for the growth of business. Small businesses can take advantage of various means to promote business including social media networks, email marketing and websites.

Increased online presence also invites increased trouble from various unwanted cyber threats including viruses, malware and spyware. Unfortunately the protective systems are not being developed as quickly as new intrusion mechanisms are adopted by hackers and other anti-social elements.

Hence, businesses should adopt comprehensive security strategies to prevent unauthorized access into computers and network systems. By deploying effecting means of protection businesses will not take the risk of losing valuable data and will be able to avoid disruption of services.

Budget allocated towards the safety of systems and networks will pay you back many more times as you will be able to prevent damage likely to be caused due to various online threats.

Need for Deployment of Security Systems

Online crimes have reached alarming levels which may cripple businesses and wean them out completely to such an extent that they cannot deliver services on time. The management should be active enough to understand the rising concerns of online security.

Security concerns should be addressed in technological terms as well as user access terms. It is required to sort out the deployment of various technologies that are sound and secure. Technologies should be upgraded not only to enhance business operations aspect but also in security aspect.

User access and permissions to access data through various devices and in various formats should be properly listed out and the requirements should be updated at regular intervals. A variety of data pertaining to businesses such as customer records, banking and financial information is stored online which should be protected by all means.

A comprehensive policy and guidelines should be made available within the organization to be implemented by all divisions and relevant security systems should be installed at various strategic locations.

Potential Risks

In addition to potential threats to computer networks, use of handheld devices has become a great concern for small as well as large businesses. More and more flexibility in usage of services through miniature devices led to the decentralization of control of technology.

Usage of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as business promotional tools gives great opportunities to explore new markets and at the same time poses great difficulty to prevent attempts to intrude into well established corporate systems, to prevent unauthorized access into authorized platforms and to prevent misrepresentation of identity and data.

Usage of cloud computing services is another aspect that gives more flexibility to businesses to deliver services on round the clock basis. It gives enormous flexibility not only for associates but also for customers.

As access to business information is available for various levels of employees, it poses security concerns to safeguard the data and to prevent misuse or proliferation of data through the wrong channels. Data that pertains to the business should be safeguarded at all costs.

Possible Solutions

It is essential that each and every system should be completely covered by robust and up-to-date security software. Antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spamming software should be installed and systems should be scanned at regular intervals of time.

Latest antivirus programs offered by premium companies are including all-in-one tools which can fight against virus plus malware, spamware, etc. You should enable firewall on your computer. The operating system should be updated with all the available service packs.

Similarly, browsers should be updated with security fixes to combat all kinds of threats and intrusions into your computer.

Usage of links presented in emails should be avoided to login to your bank accounts. These are potential threats to get access to your login information or to hijack your account completely. You should subscribe to the highest level of security parameters with regards to the maintenance of online financial transactions.

You should go for back up of essential information. Internet connection should be well protected. Wireless network systems should be protected from unauthorized access by using better encryption technologies and using security keys.

Employees should be trained to use computers and networks as per the security provisions laid down in the cyber policy. Access to business data and access through various devices should be closely monitored by placing restrictions on usage and deployment of applications.


Cyber security gravity should be thoroughly analyzed and small businesses should design and implement secure systems. This will protect businesses from major loss not only of data but also of reputation of your business. Hence, ideal levels of investments should be made to get maximum benefit from cyber security concerns.

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6 thoughts on “Cyber Security Concerns of Small Businesses”

  1. Hello Jane,

    Great article about security. Most small online businesses are vulnerable to any kind of threat. Another great solution would be to use hardware firewalls as well. They cost much more than a simple software but the security they produce is much higher! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jane,

    Your Post really excellent. good job!

    being a young entrepreneur and one of your marketing strategy is social media (Online Marketing), be sure that you are well aware of security over internet. Mostly if your talking about money (how they will pay you). thanks.

  3. Cyber security is a big issue now especially with so many organized hacking groups out there. I think large businesses are beginning to understand the threats and doing something about them. I think most small businesses don’t do this because they think it’s a very costly thing and not aware of some basic mechanisms.


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