Can the Renovated Mozilla Firefox Survive the Fierce Competition


Mozilla Firefox – The popular web browser offers a new face after going through the renovation that took more than three months. The fierce competition among major browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox necessitates renovation to attract new visitors and to retain existing users.

Web browsers are expected to present information as posted on the native web server pages. The browser should offer enough security by being able to block unwanted or hazardous codes.

The team working on Mozilla Firefox has taken not only major overhaul but also the addition of new features. Let us have more insight on these developments.

Sync Profile Preferences across Computers

The renovated Mozilla Firefox offers better performance than an earlier version. The ‘add-on to Firefox Sync’ will let you use the same settings that you have chosen on your computer at workplace.

The settings will be synchronized automatically with your home computer helping you not repeat the same set of installation procedure on the home computer. This feature is convenient and saves your valuable time. Users will be free from worries about ‘maximum version compatibility’.

The new ‘add-ons to Firefox Sync’ will ensure that the browser will be complied for 80% compatibility automatically.

New Mozilla Firefox’s Edge over other Browsers

The measures taken to beat the competition from rival Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are new HTML5 media controls, improvised web tools and developer friendly features. As per the new changes, the Firefox browser is not required to restart after installing minor changes.

The Firefox team is working on ways to present unique tab feature and to present attractive home tab. Some of the new features include the measures to improve private search by which privacy concerns will be addressed.

Silent upload, automatic session restore and panel based download manager are other new features which are being rolled out with new Firefox version.

The options menu will be integrated into main menu instead of the current way of display that is through ‘popup menu’. New Firefox will be having Windows 8 friendly features.

There will be improvements in the way scripts are processed. The browser will be enhanced to catch up the social networking revolution. Email based identification system much in the lines of Google Chrome will be launched.

User based log system will allow the possibility to download user specific settings such as bookmarks, passwords and add-ons from secured websites.

Mozilla Firefox rated Next to Google Chrome

In the current scenario, there are five browsers that are occupying the major chunk of users. Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari are the major browsers used by majority of online visitors across the world.

As per the studies, Google Chrome tops the list in terms of performance in various factors. The factors considered are JavaScript processing speed, CPU usage, CSS rendering speed, page load time and browser cache performance.

While Google Chrome tops the list in the overall performance, Mozilla Firefox stands in second place. Interestingly, ‘Not Responding’ incidences are more with Internet Explorer than Mozilla Firefox.

Internet explorer being the default browser of the windows based operating systems gives the advantage for its usage and adoption.

The requirement of modern browsers is fast and efficient performance. It’s not only user-friendly features and appearance but also the ability to load pages faster and process various kinds of requests in real-time that makes the difference.

Users should have better control on the way they want to use a browser. Mozilla Firefox is marching ahead to keep us this pace!

5 thoughts on “Can the Renovated Mozilla Firefox Survive the Fierce Competition”

  1. I used to use Firefox as my main browser, but have since switched to Chrome. I still find Chrome faster and lighter than Firefox. I did find it interesting that Firefox changed their update schedule when Chrome started to release a new version on a monthly basis. I guess they figured out that they had to keep up.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Thanks a lot for this great review for the new Mozilla, but I must tell you mozilla has changed a lot. Not for Good but bad. And trying this out will convince me to continue using it again.

    Thanks for the review and news.

    • As far as I know, most people hate Mozilla but still continue to use it (at least along side another browser, like me :)). Thanks for stopping by Olawale!

  3. For me, is a yes it can! as of now Chrome, IE and Firefox are most usable browsers when ever they used their laptops, notebooks and desktops. Others are used for mobile phones, in the long run Firefox and Chrome will be used for mobile phones.

  4. I used Firefox for a number of years but ran into a lot of trouble a few months ago in terms of it crashing all the time. Since then I’ve switched to Chrome and have had a much better experience. However, I do miss a few of the extensions and toolbar apps I had with Firefox. Maybe I’ll give it another shot with some of these new features.


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