Do You Want To Ditch Facebook For Google+?

Do You Want To Ditch Facebook For Google+?

We are about to deal with a latest and a controversial topic.


1.      You won’t be banned from Facebook for reading this or commenting on this post.

2.      Out of 30K+ users who lucratively extended their FB contacts to Google+ are not banned from Facebook.

3.      However this doesn’t mean you won’t be banned if you too extend.

Penetrate at your own risk inside this Extension World.

Wait! Am no way related to the 2nd & 3rd points of the warning, I just rephrased the warning given before the extension process. Extension process – after all what is this?

Well it’s too simple; you have a Facebook account and a Google+ account now you need to import contact information of your friends from the good old Facebook to your trendy new Google+.

This hitch is solved by the Extension process; this extension is not from Facebook. Now you would have understood the meaning of the above warning statements.

How many of you read the terms and conditions of Facebook thoroughly while signing up and then clicked the “I agree” button? Well I didn’t. If you too didn’t or if you have forgot allow me to refresh your memory with one of the terms

The section 3.2 of Facebook terms of service states “No one is entitled to collect any type information from Facebook by any means (robot, hacking, software, etc).”

Simply we may phrase this as “why should Facebook give the pass code of its empire to others that too to an arch rival like Google?”

Well the programmer of this extension “Facebook Friend Exporter” (yeah that’s the name of the extension we were discussing about) argues that “you are exporting what your friend is sharing to your Facebook account, how could this become illegal or unlawful?”

However the arch rival of Google (yes, the social networking don “Facebook”) isn’t happy about this extension, but on the pleasant side it didn’t ban any user who imported contacts to their Google+ account from Facebook.

Are you having a daring interest now to export your friends from Facebook to Google+? The process is just more than a click away. Yes, this is not a single click process but more or less similar to it.

All you got to do is go to the Facebook Friend Exporter by programmer Mohamed Mansour. A questionnaire containing 3 questions will be put forth to you; wait you aren’t going to click yes/no there instead you need to answer in your mind. Yes, these questions are to make you think.

The questions are like “Does FB own your friends?” “Are your friends’ information a property of FB?” “Will your friends get angry or will block you if you keep a note of the information he shared on FB?”

Well I just rephrased the questionnaire. This questionnaire is just to prove that exporting friends is no sin. After this you would have to click on I agree button (there will no new terms and conditions except the existing terms of service by Facebook).

That’s it, your job is done; now all the information your friends share viz, birthday, phone number, email etc will be saved as a spreadsheet allowing you to import it to your Gmail account (the basis for Google +).

If you have just 10 or 20 contacts on Facebook then you may consider this to be unnecessary, but for people like me with friend list in 3 digits this extension is very useful.

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