Google+: The Pros And The Cons

Google+: The Pros And The Cons

Certain things and people are noticed instantly in this world. Yes, lots of technologies and concepts come in the market only few are acclaimed immediately.

One among such a concept is Google+. Google+ was well acclaimed (well criticized too) within days of its official launch. While Google claims that “the cons (found by users and testers) are bugs that need to be fixed and there will surely be future enhancements” people are in no mood to listen. There is already mixed response about the Google+ from users.

Let’s discuss some of the basic and obvious pros and cons:


UF through UI:

User Friendliness is now the X-Factor. Every user wants the User Interface of any apps, website, social network or technology to be friendly with them and also to help in creating fun while using it.

Google+ has got an awesome UI which not only easy to work and understand but is also neat and attractive.

It seems that Google has taken colossal care while designing the UI.

Encircling Circles:

The circles concept of Google+ is a pleasant plus to us. For users who hate facebook due to lack of privacy, this concept of Google+ will surely woo them.

With Google+ circles you can separate your work people from friends, friends from family and so on. There is even more, you not only separate them but you can also decide what you are going to share with whom.

What’s more we want? Social Network + Privacy = Huge Success.

Habitat Hangout:

Hanging out has got a new definition with Google+. Yes, hanging out is no more roaming around, with Google+ you can now hang out with your mates in form of group video chats.

Google+ allows almost 10 users to have video chat simultaneously. This feature is a sure grosser since video chat is the disadvantage of Facebook.


Newsfeed or Nuisance?

The very first problem I noticed with Google+ itself caused me headache. Yes, the problem caused total nuisance.

As and when a person comments on a post or +1s it then that post is in the top of your newsfeed rather than a post that was posted freshly.


But there is a fix – you can choose to mute a particular post if it’s discussion is not of interest to you.

Google+ must be enhanced to shows posts in chronological order or must have options like “Most Recent”, “Recently posted”, “Recently commented”.

Google+ sans Google Apps

Google+ isn’t compatible with your Google Apps account. For people who are affixed to their email ids linked with Google Apps account, Google+ seems to be a terror.

Google must sort this out primarily before further enhancements. But surely I hope that Google will fix this.

God’s Biggest Mistake

Google which is claimed to be the God of search engines has made a prevalent error with its new venture Google+. Google+ doesn’t have an option to search.

Searching leads to opening a new tab than displaying the top results (which is the basic characteristic of Google).

If this problem isn’t fixed, then this will be the new oxymoron.


You can search in Google Sparks, to find results relevant within your interest and bookmark them so that later on you can just click on the “keyword” to view recent results, anytime.

Since Google+ is a venture of “Google – the don of search engines”, the +1 is seen almost everywhere (in google searches, you tube, etc). Will this promotion strategy work out or will it be an annoyance to the users? The answer to this question is still not clear; since this question too has mixed responses.

Google+ is a counter attack for Facebook which triumphed over Orkut (Google’s then Social Network). Will Google+ succeed in overshadowing facebook? Let’s wait and watch. But I am optimistic.

PS: Google is famous (or notorious, depending upon how you see it) for making changes quite often. So the views/points mentioned in this post might have changed depending upon when you are reading this post!

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