What You Need To Know About A Document Signature Service

Document Signature Service

Before talking about digital signature, let me ask you something. Seeing your everyday work requirement, how many times in a day do you send across documents to someone for signing? A wild guess would be at least 4 or 5 documents a day and it might go beyond 20 or 30 too, depending on the kind of job you have.

They might include non-disclosure agreements, property buying/selling or foreclosure documents, closing in business deals, or buying your car on lease…. you need and give your signatures everywhere and a couple of many times in a single day! So, we’ve said that, but, saying is easier than managing such huge number of signed documents, not to mention, the expense of paper, envelopes, postage, and then the time-taking process of waiting till the document comes back with the sign.

You know what takes up more time? Getting a signed document and seeing a printing mistake on it and then re-sending it to the person. After all, you need to give some space to the human errors.

Hail the technology for giving us a convenient means to get documents signed electronically using digital signatures. By allowing you to minimize your paper interaction, nevertheless maintaining the professionalism and authenticity of the work is, in fact, just a few benefits of using a document signature service.

Electronic Document Signature Service And The Features It Gives

However, once you start looking for a suitable service for yourself, you’d be baffled! With so many names, a wide array of options, differing cost factors, choosing a digital document signature service or application can be tricky enough.

Though, the question would be, how making the right choice without ending up losing money and getting nothing as promised. To help you make a careful choice, the following factors determine the quality of service

1. Secure digital signature

Security is core to any business, whatsoever. So, if you do choose a service for yourself, make sure it offers 100% security overall. Besides, both you and the signing party needs to be sure that the signature is authentic and belongs to none but you both.

2. Calculate the cost of electronic signature

Who says cost isn’t important?! In fact, many researches have proved that high quality product or service, if put up major discounts, becomes a hot selling product in the market and that hikes its repute higher.

So, yes, cost is important. The traditional, paper-and-ink based signatures, the cost can be calculated by including the cost of paper and postage and the time it takes to deliver and receive it back with the signature. That’s hardly less than 24hrs a majority of times and as maximum as 3 weeks!!

For a large company or enterprise, where documents and signature management is directly handled by admin staff, the impact is relatively less, but the cost expense is very high. Whereas, in a start-up company, signature management is one time-consuming distraction that also costs more than the anticipated budget.

On a different note, an electronic document signature service can offer you with a value-worth facility that not only help you economize your time, but helps you completely in maintaining your budget and getting your work done at the end of the day.

Moreover, which also happens to quite a facilitating feature, it helps you stay informed whenever the documents are signed and also ensures that it has been signed by the authorized parties.

3. Online signature workflow

A basic online document signature service draws a workflow that goes something like this:

  • Upload the document you want to sign,
  • Define where on the page you want the signature to come,
  • Send an email invite to the signing parties and share the document with them,
  • Assign public and private keys for data encryption,
  • Wait for the signatures to come in and… that would be it!Conclusion

All in all, a document signature can do for you what a traditional signature can never – save your hard-earned money, your ticktock precious time and your business’ credibility.

Now, you know what needs to be done – you need to get your hands on a reliable document signature service right now.

Anna Stacy has in-depth knowledge and experience of electronic signature solutions. Her basic forte lies within process optimization and process re-engineering, and has a long-term obsession with e-sign. She is a leading source of what’s hot and what’s not in the online digital signature space.

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  1. When choosing a digital signature application make sure that it is secure since you will be using it to important documents in your business. Moreover, price is another factor that you should take into consideration. Of course, we all want to get the best service at a lower cost.


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