Dropbox acquires Ecommerce A/B testing startup Predictive Edge (and will shut it down)

Dropbox acquires Ecommerce A/B testing startup Predictive Edge (and will shut it down)

In another acquisition news, Dropbox has bought Predictive Edge, a startup that facilitates commerce sites to do A/B testing. Dropbox is onto making quite some acquisitions, the recent ones include, MobileSpan and DropTalk.

As a result of the acquisition, Predictive Edge will be shut down and the team will join Dropbox to work on something different, something not related to A/B testing.

Predictive Edge has made an announcement on their website saying that they will be joining Dropbox to work on something (that they don’t know yet) different than A/B testing. The service is closed to new signups. Current customers can continue to use the service but they will no longer get support or updates from the company.

Predictive Edge, started in 2010, helps ecommerce marketers to do personalized A/B testing. Rather than writing mere sales pages they are focused on showing the right offer for the right customer at the right time. The service offers dynamic pricing to present customers with different pricing based on what they are looking for. And, marketers can do A/B testing while at it!

Dropbox, with its list of acquisitions is definitely onto something big, especially when it comes to services related to business users. We can say this from the list of acquisitions Dropbox has made recently; the last 6 of them are startups that offer service to business owners and enterprises.

In another News, Dropbox has recently introduced “view only shared folders” for businesses where you can let anyone in your team to view the content for presentation or other purposes but only the “Editors” can do the editing on the files. Dropbox is certainly onto drawing the attention of businesses.

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