Google has acquired music streaming service Songza

Google has acquired music streaming service Songza

Well the talks about Google acquiring Songza has finally come to an end with its happening. Songza has a user base of 5.5 million listeners per month and it is a service that offered users with personalized music curation.

Rather than merely providing users with a playlist, Songza offers thematic playlists based on the user’s mood, the local weather and other things. With its personalized features, Songza was considered way better than Google Music itself.

This acquisition is a smart move by Google where the company looks for ways to integrate what people love about Songza into Google Play Music. The company is also aiming to improve Youtube and other Google products based on Songza’s features. Apart from this, Google has no new plans for Songza – meaning its current users will be able to use it with all its features intact. However the status of current employees of Songza is not clearly known.

Even though Google initially reported a $15 million mark for the acquisition, the actual price it paid for Songza remains undisclosed. The main goal of Google is to enhance its own services by using the features that are already in play in Songza.

It is not just the features, but Sonza has an impressive amount of data that it uses to offer the curated music experience – location, weather, time of the day, user persona and much more – and I’m sure Google not only pays for Songza’s features but also for the data it has.

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