Drop more on Dropbox with HTC smartphones

Drop more on Dropbox with HTC smartphones

HTC Corporation – The Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer introduces a special scheme to woo Android based HTC Smartphone users. Dropbox – The cloud storage hosting service provider offers 2GB of free web based storage space as part of its online subscription. The 2 GB of space can be availed by any subscriber who registers on their site.

As per the new deal struck by HTC with Dropbox, HTC’s Android based smartphone users will be able to get extra 3 GB of cloud storage space from Dropbox service. The facility is available for Android phones equipped with Sense 3.5. HTC Rhyme which was launched last week will fit into this offer of 5 GB of total storage space.

The storage space can be utilized for storing media files and the data present on the HTC smartphones can be synchronized with their PC or laptop provided they install Dropbox software. The dropbox deal may not be extended to HTC smartphones built on Windows OS as those phones are backed by Skydrive. Skydrive has already extended 25 GB of free cloud storage space. The new scheme launched by HTC will be applicable from October, 2011. It is not known whether HTC will provide any solution to enable old smartphone versions to get the extra 3 GB storage space.

How long this increased space will be made available for users is not mentioned by either HTC or Dropbox. The first paid subscription on Dropbox charges $9.99 per month which will fetch you 50 GB of cloud storage space. The extra 3 GB storage space extended by Dropbox under HTC scheme will be useful for power users who capture data containing pictures of high resolution, music and video. The ability to sync the data with other gadgets that support Dropbox software is definitely a plus point.

HTC started its journey with Windows based smartphones. Having realized the huge potential of Android based smartphones in global markets and being a member of the open handset alliance, it is quite natural that HTC tends to promote smartphones built with Android OS. HTC’s journey started in the year 1997 by manufacturing notebook computers.

The company has many firsts to its credit. It is the first company to launch touch based and wireless mobiles in the year 1998. The first windows based smartphone was launched by HTC in the year 2002. The first Microsoft 3G phone was launched by HTC in the year 2005. The world’s first Android phone was launched by HTC in the year 2008. The company had launched smartphone with HTC sense interface in the year 2009 with HTC hero.

In spite of legal battles with Apple, HTC was successful in being honored of “Device Manufacturer of the Year 2011” at the Mobile World Congress. With few acquisitions and takeovers happening in the year 2011 the company is poised to foot a strong dominance in the world of smartphones.

How this new service will be utilized by HTC smartphone customers and what level of gains will be made by HTC with the new scheme will be known in the coming days. It is also interesting to watch what freebies will be offered by other competitors to lure smartphone customers.

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  1. That would be nice of HTC, but the other Android users can use Sugar Sync(available in the Android Market) which provides 5GB of space as per the free plan along with HTC 🙂


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