Software for next generation social games: Flash player 11 and AIR 3

Software for next generation social games: Flash player 11 and AIR 3

A game that relies on social and behavioral economic interaction is considered as a social game. Over the last few years they have been known as the games that link or tie into social networks. These games are easy to get into, challenging over a long period of time and highly interactive among our real live friends.

Recently Adobe Systems, an American based software company headquartered in San Jose, has officially announced the launch of Flash player 11 and AIR 3 that will take flash games into greater heights. Adobe flash player is cross-platform, browser based application runtime that provides uncompromised view of expressive applications, contents and videos across various browsers and operating systems.

This latest version of flash player has been developed to enrich digital experiences with new features such as stage 3D and 64-bit support and also to fix issues related to security, performance, and device compatibility.

The stage 3D feature deliver cutting edge with 2D and 3D experiences on the desktop with thousand timed faster rendering than flash10. The asynchronous bitmap coding which is new for flash player improves application responsiveness and delivers smoother animation by decoding images on initial load instead of demand.

Other new options include allowing developers to package Air 3 along with their application in a single install, this is called as captive runtime and it allows the developer to get version updates to their applications independent of AIR updates from Adobe.

Also HD video quality is supported in multiple platforms, the 64 bit support for operating systems and browsers on Linux, Mac OS and Windows and some more additional features are a part of Adobe flash player11.

AIR 3 delivers innovation for rich engaging applications with unparallel performance improvements which deliver advanced graphics generating HD video and consistent reach across operating systems and devices. AIR 3 also delivers out-of-browser applications across devices and platforms.

AIR 3 allows developers to write multitasking iOS applications which can play audio while in the background there can be music or voice chat from a conferencing application. The encrypted local storage for mobile extends encrypted local storage support thereby allowing applications to store data more securely including passwords, some certificates and auditing information.

Native extensions for AIR allow the developer to create and use action script libraries with native code to take advantage of the same platform with easy integration into AIR devices.

Now the issue with these software is the minimal effort that allows developers to port their flash 11 games into mobile devices. Anup Murarka, the director on flash platform team said that many developers are spending resources on exploring new cross-platform solutions like HTML5 that allows them to build new games in a language they already know.

At present flash player is supported on more than 98% internet enables PC`s. By the end of this player Adobe expects flash based applications in at least 200 million smart phone and tablets including iOS devices through AIR. A rough estimate of 1 billion is the number of devices that is expected to support AIR by 2015.

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  1. Is it really a 1,000 times faster? That sounds a bit too good to be true. If this is indeed the boost in performance Adobe have a real hit on their hands. Logically it will allow for practically limitless 3D mobile gaming. Being an avid 3D poker fan, I certainly hope social mobile gaming would continue to improve and expand.


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