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You can’t underplay the threat we face online in this day and age. With antivirus software installed in your computer, you can be sure of browsing the internet safely without fear of being infected with a virus or malware. An antivirus acts like your bodyguard. Most antiviruses come with a free and paid version — with the paid version offering plenty of features that are not on the free one.

What Is It All About?

There’s no gainsaying that antivirus protection is critical to the security of your Windows. Some antivirus companies offer bonus features for their customers; options for VPN protection is a typical example. Others features are ad blocking, identity monitoring, and password management.

Affiliate Programs

Wondering how an antivirus can earn you extra dollars? Well, it will soon be revealed. It is as easy as registering as an affiliate—to promote antivirus software. One unique thing about these affiliate programs is that you can earn so much money. But you have to encourage rigorous to make something out for yourself. Take for an instant; you can earn up to $70 per sale as a TotalAV affiliate.

Leverage Brand Presence to Earn

So many antivirus companies have their affiliate programs running, and you can make lots of cash promoting them. Some of the select few are Avast affiliate program, McAfee, BullGuard, Norton by Symantec and several others. Most of these companies are well-known, and you can leverage their brand presence to convert leads into sales. Affiliates are provided with product catalog, reporting tools, and unique promo tracking, among other things.

Testing an Antivirus and Getting Paid

It is challenging to run a successful antivirus program if it is not user-friendly and practical. For providers of antivirus software, it is easy to be blinded by their deficiencies. And that is the reason they pay people to test out their product. It is as simple as surfing the web and exploring the features. To do this, you must be internet savvy and must be familiar with various antiviruses.

How to Become an Affiliate

Making money with Antivirus Affiliate Programs is not that hard. It starts with registration. To do that, you’ll be required to submit an application form — which is on their affiliate website. Your application will be reviewed, and if accepted, you’ll get a notification to that effect. An account manager will be assigned to you. The manager will put you through on what you need to do.    

Making Money

With a successful application, you need to know the product the company offers, as it is what you’ll be promoting and making sales from. You’ll be paid a certain amount for every paid member you refer. You can refer as many people as you can. One of the ways to achieve that is to review on TotalAV. You can also cooperate with review sites and make money off them.

Who Uses Antivirus Software?

Antivirus is designed for two groups of people. One of them is the people seeking for an affordable antivirus for their computers. Others are people that want to make money online. The reviews on this subject let you in on the features that come with an antivirus program. Some programs offer a free version — though limited — if you wish to try it out. You can upgrade to the paid membership.

Some Antivirus Software is labeled Scam: How True?

The reason why people consider some antivirus programs scam is because their free versions are minimal. As soon as you install the free version, it will scan your computer for viruses or malware. For everything, it can scan, the free version cannot fix them; you’ll have to upgrade to a paid version to clean up any problems that it detects. And you’re forced to upgrade to correct the problem. 

Problem with Antivirus Software

Some antiviruses present you with confusing billing. So many customers are complaining about these companies not honoring their money back guarantee. Another thing is that every one of their features seems to cost money—but not stated outright. Unlike antivirus programs like AVG, they raised a lot of eyebrows with their billing when they first arrived, as it more than expected. That leaves a sour taste in many mouths.

What Do You Like about Some Antivirus Programs?

Several things are worth your money for antivirus programs. Some will offer you a free account. With that, you can test it out before committing to the paid version. It works well if you intend to become their affiliate. You’ll have to state categorically what the free versions can offer, so potential buyers will know what they’re up against

What You Don’t like About Some Programs?

Of course, antiviruses come with one or two shortcomings. One of them is the fact that you’ll have to apply to get the paid version for some of them. You’ll be offered the opportunity to scan your computer for free — that is using the free version. If issues are identified, you’d want to fix them and be required to upgrade; you’re put in a spot to decide — to buy or not.

Do you recommend using an Antivirus?

There are so many antiviruses out there — I have even lost count. Some crappy ones come out of the blues and claim all what not. And if you’re not careful, you’ll fall for their gimmicks. For some high-quality ones and what they offer, they come highly recommended, but they will have to sort out specific issues with their customers. Protecting your PC should never be compromised.

There are decent antiviruses in the market and come with a lot of perks. You can make money online by becoming their affiliate, and by writing reviews on them — with your affiliate links embedded — and you stand a chance of making plenty of sales. Regardless of the limitations, you can still get good value for money when you leverage the opportunities they bring to the table.

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