30 Most Essential Android Apps

30 Most Essential Android Apps

In this age of modernization and advancements in technology, none of us can imagine our lives without a smart phone. Among the various operating systems available to the users, Android has pretty much trumped all the others and is arguably the most user-friendly and popular OS around.

However the main reason why the OS has become popular and user- friendly is because of the wide range of applications that it makes available to the users. These apps have gained so much significance that we require them in almost every day-to-day activity of ours.

Among the plethora of apps that are available, there are a few apps, which are absolutely indispensable for a complete Android experience.

Here we will be talking about 30 of the most essential Android apps of the app market: 


The Facebook app helps the user connect with friends, family, relatives and almost anybody you know. It is one of the most essential Android apps and gives you the opportunity to share photos, update your status, and much more. The contacts as well as the photos saved in your phone can also be auto-synced with your Facebook account and vice-versa.

Opera Mini

Opera mini is one of the fastest, most used and most popular web browsers around. It helps you to open multiple windows at a time and also save data bandwidth through its Unique Compression Technology.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is one of the better free Android apps, which provides you protection from threats of viruses and malware. Using it’s find/locate option you can also track your mobile phone if you lose it.

Swift Keys

This app provides you a better and fast way of writing with the help of its slide-to-type functionality, next-word prediction and its cloud-sync option.


Using this app you can tweet, share photos and links, message your followers, and keep in touch with everything that’s happening in the world at the moment, all from your Android smart phone.

Simple Calendar Widget

This app keeps the user up to date and organized by notifying the saved meetings, activities, and events from time to time.


Using this app one can listen to a wide variety of music. It provides a good number of stations, which helps you get a good mix of a wide range of songs.

UC Browser

 UC Browser is one of the best Android apps and also one of the fastest browsers which supports multi-touch, is compatible with voice recognition, loads pages fast through its Cloud Acceleration technique and also allows the user to download files at a very good speed.

ROM Toolbox

The app is mainly for the developers which lets you tweak your phone, and helps in mending the detected problems of the OS.

HD Widgets

With the help of this app you can modify your phone’s home screen the way you want.


The app is the easiest way of controlling the devices linked with your mobile phone when you are away from any of the required gadgets.


One of the top Android apps and also one of the most popular apps in the Android market is WhatsApp which helps you connect with your desired friends in an easier way, through simple messages, voice notes, smiles, stickers, photos and even videos.

Calls Blacklist

You can use this app to avoid unwanted phone calls by simply putting their numbers in the calls blacklist.


To add an extra tad of security and privacy to your Android phone, this app is extremely essential. Using this, you can lock almost every application on your phone, including SMS and contacts, audio, video or image files and many more.

QQ Launcher

This launcher has some special features such as widgets, built-in locker and themes support, which helps you get a beautiful layout for your smartphone.

Music Paradise

Music paradise is an easy way to search and download songs or related albums for free and listen to them later.

Google Drive

Google drive one of the most essential Android apps which helps the user to quickly view or edit any of his saved notes or document and also syncs the immediate changes with the user’s account.


This app is an easy way to download themes, wallpapers, ringtones, apps and also launchers in your phone. It also provides auto detection of the phone compatibility with the downloading content.

Battery Defender- Battery Saver

It is the most used battery saver in the Android market, which improves your phone’s battery life and also stops the unwanted background apps which are running.


Another free application is Viber which helps you to send messages and make free calls with others who have the app. It needs a wifi-connection or mobile internet connection.

Olive Office Premium

This premium app helps you to view and edit XLS Files, Word and PPT files. You can also read PDF Files here.

Go Launcher

Go Launcher is the most advanced customizing app which not only allows  you to change your phone’s view but also download several free or paid themes, widgets or plugins.


It is basically a photo editor with the popular feature of Tilt-Shift effect and also allows you to share the edited photos with other Instagram users.


Android lovers use the XDA app to develop ROM and to tweak their android system and share them with the other developers.

Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is regarded as the most advanced and plugin integrated browser giving you a range of features including speed dial, gesture control, and voice navigation and may more.


This app gives you a special opportunity to view wallpapers or listen to songs before downloading.

Google Translate

This app can translate more than 70 languages and also has a quite useful voice recognition system.


InNote helps you write with your fingers or a stylus and makes writing much easier for the user.

Little Photo

Providing over 70 photo effects and filters the app is quite useful to add that enhanced effect to your photos.

Google Maps

Google Maps comes armed with a GPS Navigation system, and is a useful one app which helps you to find your required place and also gives you the directions to get there.

Although requirements may vary from person to person, the apps discussed above, if installed, would fulfill almost every requirement of yours. So, add some more smartness to your smartphone with these apps.

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