Google Maps for iOS integrates Gmail invites and gets better search

Google Maps for iOS integrates Gmail invites and gets better search

The Google Maps app for iOS got updated. The update has integrated Gmail events to maps and has also improved searches. When you do a search, the results and the relevant suggestions now show up right on the map itself.

The results are much better and rather than displaying only the closest result (as it was previously the case) the app now shows up relevant results right on the map with appropriate short description for each location. This feature was already available on Android. You can choose the view the results on the map (which helps you make quick decisions) or you might simply choose the list view.

And your Gmail events (invites) will now be automatically integrated to your map – those invites will show up with the Gmail label. If you have a meeting or an event you don’t have to look up for that information by performing a search in the Map app. Whenever you open up Google Maps you will automatically see the locations of your upcoming events/meetings.

The “Explore Nearby” feature is also improved to give out better suggestions and activities depending upon the location and time of the day.

The updated version of the Google Maps app is available here.

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