MAC OS X 10.8 in pipeline? Apple silent

MAC OS X 10.8 in pipeline? Apple silent

Apple has a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. One of the company’s best known hardware products include Macintosh computers which runs on a software called MAC OS X, a series of Unix operating system with graphical user interface that is developed, marketed and sold by Apple Inc. Recently the company had released the final version of  Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) to its customers in July which included features such as

  • Enhanced multi-touch gestures and improvements to a number of core applications such as mail and Airdrop.

  • An iOS like application screen called as the launch pad, full screen apps.

  • A new interface that is combined for Dash board, expose and spaces called as Mission control gives a bird’s eye view of everything in the system.

When Lion was introduced, the best thing that many people found with it was the way which allows the user to determine when to preserve the document’s contents.

Mac OS X 10.8 in development ?

 The evidence for next major version of Mac OS X began appearing in the web logos in August. The website released a graph which showed an increasing number of web visits from Mac OS X 10.8 users over the past several months.

The website quoted “while it is trivial to falsify these records these requests originated from Apple, Inc. IP addresses and surrounding areas. Also the overall clustering is consistent with limited internal testing. We saw a very similar pattern for the early Mac OS X 10.7 requests which began in October, 2009.”

Probably they were working on this version even before Lion was released. But still there is a doubt whether it will be referred as version “10.8” while some think it will be a major rewrite which may include complete resolution independence so that Mac‘s display can have ultra tiny pixels too.

A menu bar that can be resized and made optional or it can even be set to hide like a dock. It may even have a support for Intel and Apple`s “A-chip” that has an emphasis on AI aspect and overall re-thinking of the Graphical user Interface (GUI) which doesn’t include touch screen like Mac OS 9 to X.

But it still remains a mystery whether these features will be included or not and the company is mum about the release of the next Mac OS X.

However,  experts predict the software will release by 2013 as Apple Inc. has always released the softwares every alternate year. For instance, Mac OS X 10.3 was released in the year 2003 followed by 10.4 in the year 2005, 10.5 in the year 2007, 10.6 in the year 2009 and 10.7 in the year 2011.

And another big question is how Apple will call this Mac X 10.8 since Apple has been naming the major OS X releases after the family Felidae which includes lions, tigers, jaguars and wild domestic cats.

However the choice of name could be still wide open as the company has abandoned its previous trademarks which includes “Lynx” and “Cougar”

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