Page speed service from Google : Faster web pages

Page speed service from Google : Faster web pages
A web page that is slow to load is almost as bad as one that does not load at all. Google’s new CDN (Content Delivery Network) hopes to resolve this problem by providing a service called as Page speed service which proposes to help web masters in speeding up the page load time.

Google has always been obsessed with speed. Google says, it has seen speed improvements from 25% to 60% on some sites using Page speed. This online web-based tool allows users to analyze pages at any time in any browser without downloading their extension.

Page speed optimizes web pages

In order to use the Page speed service the user has to sign up and point his site’s DNS entry to Google. The Page speed service gets information from the servers and rewrites by applying web performance best practice. It then serves the information to end users through Google’s servers across the globe.

The users will continue to have access to the corresponding site just as before but with faster load time. Now there is no worry for concatenating CSS, compressing images, caching, gzipping resources or any other web performance best practices.

Page speed varies depending on the number of images, the flash content, scripts used and the page’s general construction. This service intends to increase the loading speed of the website.

Page speed service and e-commerce

As a web master one should enhance their online presence. Having slow loading websites will have a disadvantage which includes fewer visitors returning to the site, higher bounce rates. It leads to loss of revenue if the website is designed to sell products or services.

However, Page speed will be a handy resource for smaller websites which has a little less complexity. These owners don’t have the money or expertise to opt for an advanced performance automation solution. This fills an important gap in the market.

But it may not solve every performance pain. The small business owners hopefully get a chance to level their playing field by speeding up their sites thus remaining competitive in the increasingly online Market place.

The Page speed service is a very interesting and competitive offering to Amazon and some of small cloud acceleration players like CloudFlare, blaze, torbit and yotta.

Though there are limitations which include lack of support for SSL pages, and for some sites, some unpredictable behavior; while some people are too lazy to complete the procedure for the test service, there are unknowns such as the cost factor, the idea of automatic improvement and at the very least, another CDN competitor has got attention from people.

The Page speed service beta is now offered for free of cost with limited availability. In the mean time it is getting tweaked and is ready for a grand debut. This new method of web delivery will give Google a great deal of power.

Google will actually be hosting the website themselves and delivering the website themselves.  According to Google, the Page speed service will be launched at a “competitive” and the details will be made available later.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks a lot for this introduction to Page Speed, I had heard about it here and there but never checked out all the details about the PageSpeed service. It is good to know that we will be able to use these hosted CDN service that too which is offered by Google itself. After all the website speed is really an important factor in today’s age.

    • I think that using Google’s page speed service will especially make a difference in SEO and rankings (its Google you know :)). Lets see!

  2. Hi Jane, I’ve heard about the google service a few times now but never really understood it until I fully read your post here. I might take a look at the services and see if it’s something I can implement on blog engage. I figure what doesn’t hurt or kill you will only make you stronger, in this case google is making us stronger.

    • I’m sure Brian. Just as I told in the comment to Shiva, since the service is from Google, we will surely see a positive change in SEO and rankings I guess.

      But then the search engine giant should not be biased as well – giving more weight to those who use their service and less weight to others.

      Lets see what Google does in this regard!

  3. Speed is very important when it comes to result. Once this page speed service will be launched anytime soon, for sure site owners will experienced better service for their own webpages. And it that way, they could attract more visitors because of easy access to their sites.

  4. This seems like one of the changes that Google implemented in order to provide accurate and best results to searchers. Anyways if you’re a webmaster, this update is very important and your site loading time should be checked before launching it live. You can check it by downloading software just like load tester 4 by webperformance.


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