Google+ Brand Pages Concept: An Outlook

Google+ Brand Pages Concept: An Outlook

Google+ is a social networking website, run by Google Inc. This particular website was started on June 28, 2011, with invite-only mode.  From the next day, users were permitted to invite their friends to create accounts [over 18 years of age].  Due to huge demand, this was stopped immediately the next day itself.

The users were then given an option wherein a Google+ member can invite 150 friends only.  Then, on September 20, 2011, Google+ was opened to the public who were 18 years of age or older than that.

It seems that Google has plans to start providing Google+ profiles to users under the age limit of 18, but above 13, after adding some important safety factors to their website.

It becomes pretty natural that whenever there is a new social networking site out in the internet, brands want to have their own space in them. This is the same with Google+ too. Most of the tech related blogs started creating their brand profiles in Google+.

However, Google+ profiles are made for the humans only and not for the brands as of now. There are some questions like “Male or female”, wherein the brand cannot be mentioned. Google has said that, they might add brand pages in the near future.

With the above said facts, there are some things that Google should keep in mind to make Google+ brand pages a grand success.

Search Features in Google+

Increasing search functions in the upcoming brand pages will be a new and better feature. This will allow the brands to espouse the Google+ brand page.

Adding Customization Features to Google+

Ads in Facebook were just simple ones, sometimes a poll or video, which permitted the brands to show off their ads. However, when it comes to Google + brand pages, we can expect to see ads on the skyscraper spaces available on either side of the profile. This will certainly allow the brands to customize and display media ads that are rich in content.

Google is already experienced in this particular field.  For example, there are some YouTube brand pages which are allowed to advertise their brand with similar features as said above. Google+ seems to be ready with their network to support this particular customization feature as soon as they launch Google+ brand pages.

Inclusion of Google Analytics to Google+

Including Google Analytics to Google+ brand pages is another new feature that will allow more and more brands to create pages on Google +.  With this feature, the brands will be able to have a look at where their fans are from, who they are and what they are actually consuming, which will eventually lead to organizing and creating great content for their brand pages in order to increase and improve the knowledge and suit the needs of their fans in particular.

Furthermore, Google Analytics will permit the advertisers to make full use of the page interaction features of Google+ helping them to maximize and expand their values and brand features

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  1. Hey Jane,
    Really a nice article. Google Plus certainly came out with a lot of hype but I see that It has not grown as much as it was thought to. Although it is doing average business but More or less Google Plus has become a haven for the techies and the businesses. It really has not been much success with common people. Although this New Google Brand Pages features seems to be a welcome addition but still it is more or less some what food for the techies and businesses and nothing for the commoners. I am sure it really cannot beat facebook in the long run

  2. google plus is coming with lots of features and its very useful for marketing or publishing agency . TheSimpleTechie @ripples,google plus


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