Facebook Moments: A supposedly new app for super private sharing

Facebook Moments: A supposedly new app for super private sharing

Facebook and privacy are two different things. As a Facebook user, it is easy to get annoyed at many things related to privacy.

Well, I am not saying that there is no option in Facebook to make your sharing/updates private – there is! But how easy is it to make privacy settings for every update you make? You might want to share one update with your business colleagues and then you might want to share the very next update only with your family!

Can you do that without having to make several adjustments in your settings? And, how many Facebook users really know how to properly configureĀ the privacy settings?

We blast all our updates to the whole world! And that sometimes make Facebook annoying to both the person sharing it and as well as all the others who have it in their streams.

Well, Facebook seems to be working on a solution to this issue! Facebook Moments (code named) is the app in development in the backend. And it seems Facebook employees are already trying out the app.

This app would help you create Google+ “Circles” like groups where you can group your friends based on certain factors. For instance, you might group your Family to a separate group, Colleagues to another and your school friends to another. And unlike the boring text based interface of the Privacy Setting page on Facebook, this option will be available in a visually appealing interface.

After you have grouped your friends, you might have to just push a group to share an update with it.

When will Facebook release Facebook Moments to public? We don’t know! In fact the actual question should be: “Will Facebook release Facebook Moments to public?” – coz there have been quite some apps that were tested by Facebook and have never been released to the public!

So we will have to wait and see!

1 thought on “Facebook Moments: A supposedly new app for super private sharing”

  1. Jane,

    Seriously?! Man…it reminds me of some apps. Moments -.-”

    Anyway, I wonder how it work out to be. I might give it a try but … I don’t really share something private on social media. Hmm! Just me though šŸ™‚

    Nonetheless, thanks for sharing!


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