The Facebook WordPress Plugin And Its Uses

The Facebook WordPress Plugin And Its Uses

The modern day social network giant, Facebook has recently incorporated the long awaited Facebook WordPress plugin that will provide its users the privilege of adding their blog contents very easily. Making their blogs reach to all parts of the world will now be possible for the Facebook users in a matter of a single click only.

The plugin that Facebook has included for their users is also known as the Facebook for WordPress. This plugin allows the administrators of sites based on wordpress to get their contents cross published to WordPress and on their own pages and timelines on Facebook as well.


This awesome plugin was developed mainly by the engineers of Facebook by collaborating with some of their open sourced partners thus making socialization of the WordPress sites for any individual a lot more simplified than usual. They can easily link the contents of their WordPress sites now on the pages of Facebook of which they are the administrators.

This new plugin provides a lot of facilities to the administrators of wordpress sites and of Facebook as well. It lets them include the names of their pages and friends, shows activity feeds of the Facebook friends regarding what they have been doing or reading recently. Apart from these it will also allow suggesting of articles and publishing them from their websites on their pages.

WordPress has with the passage of time become a highly popular and powerful platform with numerous plugins that are readily available for use. It is packed with various SEO advantages that help in the better and higher ranking of your websites in the results of the search engines.

Apart from that, being SEO ready these websites are able to draw a lot more traffic than usual; making them very powerful. Recent studies and researches have shown that WordPress powers nearly sixteen percent of the internet and the web. And hence Facebook wants to get it to facilitate its millions of users.

Marketing on the social networks is an important aspect of gaining popularity for any and all websites. And what better place can there be for marketing than the number one social networking site in the world? Being the largest and the most popular social media on the net all websites look to get their marketing done on Facebook.

Facebook on the other hand, is looking at the market and has decided to incorporate this wordpress plugin so as to open up new avenues to their business as it has always done brilliantly and successfully. Including of blog posts, customizable links, send and subscribe buttons and comments boxes this plugin helps in the cross posting of the reactions not only on your site but also on Facebook pages.

The incorporation of this plugin on Facebook is an immense step that will combine the biggest social media with the best and most popular platform for blogging over the web. This brilliant tool will also reduce the amount of time consumed for the posting and sharing of newer contents over the internet.

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  1. As far as I have heard until now, there are a lot of problems with the Facebook plug-in for WordPress. Some of them are almost resolved, but there are a few that still take some time to be resolved.

  2. Its really nice to have such a great plugin for wordpress. Facebook for wordpress, I will check it out….
    Thanks for sharing it…….

  3. I have tried this plugin and it’s very useful but found it little bulky and take server loads.. One feature which I find very interesting is recommended articles and now they have launched it as separate Social plugin…

  4. I also tried with this pluginFor a movement it adds a new feature onto the bottom of each post, but then it does not integrate with the other comments that were made on the posts. I strongly thinks this was the main problem..

  5. Hello,

    The facebook wordpress plugin is great in helping promote our blogs. But sometimes it does not load and breaks. Plugin is declaring BROKEN. I think there are some the company has to resolve…
    Anyway the Facebook plugins are most recommended to blogs.

    Thanks for Sharing the poST 😛

  6. This plugin is a good option for bloggers to market their stuff on Mark Zuckerberg’s most favorite social network, Facebook. It will surely bring tons of traffic to them.


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