Flourishing Cloud Based Companies

Flourishing Cloud Based Companies

Cloud based technology gives a high level of reliabile service. As data is stored in a non-centralized fashion in multiple servers across the globe, commercial establishments can deliver their uninterrupted service to their customers.

Websites which depend on cloud based hosting service are concealed from various interruptions caused due to nature and local conditions. Let us find some of the flourishing cloud startups that are likely to make a big way in the year, 2012.

Cloud Based Startup Applications & Services


Whatever coding you are using for your web applications, AppFog offers readily available webhosting infrastructure. If you got the coding readily available with you, you can setup your fully functional website within minutes with AppFog. AppFog is the leader and contributor of Cloud Foundry Project.

With AppFog as your service providers you are free from all unnecessary nightmares (at the time of failure of service) with your clients. AppFog offers readily available, scalable, fast and easy to setup servers.


Bromium comes with unique concept of virtualization technology to secure endpoints like personal computers, tablets and mobile phones when they are connected to large enterprise systems. As technology is adapted to consumers at gross root levels, the mismatch in the security will be taken care of by Bromium. Bromium is going to flourish in this niche in the year 2012.


Cloudability is a simple service yet nothing short of value addition. Cloudability specializes in monitoring the spending habits of cloud resources utilized by various resources. This kind of monitoring is useful and it will be a firsthand information for many companies that want to subscribe to cloud services for the first time and to know how much they are spending and in which direction for those companies which are already using cloud based services.

The compiled database of Cloudability will make a fortune in the coming days.


It is difficult to compete with giants like Amazon Web services and Rackspace in terms of provision of infrastructure. Hence, Cloudsigma comes with innovative plan to offer high performance service coupled with greater flexibility and control to the clients. Developers are benefited by being able to purchase high end services at low end cost.


Kaggle comes with a unique flag of conducting competitions utilizing cloud space to solve cloud based tasks of various small enterprises across the globe. Here, businesses are benefited as they do not need any investment on hiring a dedicated cloud based expert. On the other hand, individuals will be paid for what they are contributing by resolving the task.


Nebula is in the process of introduction of commercial version of cloud computing software. Although this kind of approach is not unique, Nebula is backed by highly reputed technology experts and investors. The company goes in the direction of easily accessible plug and play systems from the cloud.


ScaleExtreme is poised to take the server management software as it is able to present cost effective solution in this niche. Although many related products are available in the market, they are priced very high.


SolidFire is working on cutting edge technologies. It is all set to offer SSD based storage systems which will be very suitable for companies working on mission critical data.

Those who are availing cloud based hosting service are substantially benefited as they are not going to pay on a fixed plan. They will be charged based on the amount of data availed by them. This kind of robust, scalable and uninterrupted service will certainly help more and more businesses in the coming days and companies which are in the business of cloud hosting service can tap the huge market potential in this aspect.

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  1. Thank you for posting a very useful article. It is amazing to find that start-up companies are able to find niche areas even through giants like Google are present in the market. Those who tap the cloud market early with innovative ideas will make huge profits in the coming days!

  2. Hey, Jane! I had to read your article very carefully so I wouldn’t get into clouds 😀 Seriously, now… great article! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi!
    I think you can add a few more companies in your list. For example you can add a reliable Swiss company.
    http://swisshosters.com – Swisshosters (google it).
    They have both dedicated and cloud servers. All of them are protected from DDoS attacks. Their support is 24/7. They have 99.9% uptime.


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