Siri Works For You While You Talk On iPhone 4S

Siri Works For You While You Talk On iPhone 4S

Even though speech recognition technology has been around for many years, breakthroughs in technology made it possible to achieve innovative features that can be accomplished through mobile phones. SIRI – an intelligent software personal assistant offers natural language user interface. The application is capable of answering questions, offer recommendations and perform intelligent operations.

Siri was acquired by Apple in April, 2010 and the application was found in iPhone 4S when it was launched in October, 2011. Even though Apple has no plans to offer support to its old versions, there are reports that independent developers are able to offer the same feature on old iPhone versions as well. Let us know more about siri and its usefulness.

Your Personal Assistant

A lot of hype was created for siri  – a killer application from Apple. Siri is different from voice control facility available in any other mobile. Even though you can perform certain activities through voice control, what you can achieve through siri is entirely different and it is much more sophisticated than all voice versions available to till date.

Unless you discover the ways to use siri, you may not understand how convenient it is in your day-to-day mobile activities. By using siri application you can set an alarm through voice command, you can search for the contact (how far they are located from your current stance) and you can play whatever record you want to play by giving simple voice command.

Siri takes time to understand about you and your preferences and as the fellowship grows, it can make more recommendations for you about the availability of nearby restaurants and giving directions while you drive.

The interesting part is that you can interact with siri. For example, if you are setting a reminder, then siri will get back to you asking the details about the reminder (when and what, etc.).   Developers can get maximum benefit by integrating siri with various other applications.

If Apple is also able to co-operate with developer communities, there will be lot of scope for growth of siri. Analysts are expecting more enhanced features in iOS6. With siri, you will be able to do more things in less time. Thus, your productivity increases.

Features That Make Life Simple

As more and more mobile users are getting used to siri features, it is likely that coming iOS versions will incorporate more advanced features. It is a fact that some mobile users are using iPhone 4S for the sheer love of its siri features.

With siri on iPhone 4S, you can send messages while you are running. What you are speaking will be converted into text automatically and message will be sent. It can make phone calls for you and can schedule meetings for you.

Siri understands what you are saying, searches for items you need and presents useful information saving your time and keep tracks of your tastes. It is like your personal companion with you all the way, everywhere and anytime. You can set and manage personal appointments with siri.

In the coming days, this little application is going to be part and parcel of many lives. Even though Apple has proprietary rights for this software, similar versions are likely to be introduced by its competitors which will definitely give better experience to customers all over the world.

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  1. It would be pretty funny if I jog, some dogs chase me and this app registers the curses that I yell, converts them to texts and sends them to my mom :)))

  2. Funny how this technology is considered new, but has been around for decades, just not on little smart phones. It’s crazy to think of the possibilites for the future. Phones that read your mind???

    • Very well Said !! believe me that’s just the beginning of innovation and its a never ending story. Technology has changed our lives and business and make the things easier.


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