Gadgets That Save Power Consumption For Your Home

Gadgets That Save Power Consumption For Your Home

Gadgets that save power consumption for your home are a craze in the market these days. Cutting out heating and cooling usage will help you in managing the electricity bill of your home.

Using these gadgets will save your wallet in the long run. Here, in this post, I have mentioned some gadgets that are affordable and help you in saving power consumption for your home.

‘Smart’ Power Strips

Unless you unplug your television or computer, it never stops consuming electricity. The ‘smart’ strip gadget has the capability to distinguish when the device is in use and not in use.

And when the device is not in use, this ‘smart’ strip will unplug the devices by which the consumption of power is limited and the energy costs can be saved.

When your computer is plugged into the master socket, the other sockets turn on only when you power up the computer, and when the power is down, they shut down automatically.

Eco Flap

Much of the drought comes out through the letterbox in your home. If you haven’t noticed it, try to have a look at it. This consumes a lot of energy.

An invention by the British stops the drought coming out of the letterbox. It actually replaces Brushes, Seals and the outward opening gravity flaps that are present on the inside of the letterbox.

And it automatically adjusts itself to the size of the mail that is delivered. This will help you in saving energy.

Freeloader Solar Charges

Any handheld device can be charged with this freeloader. This freeloader uses Sun’s rays to power up your electronic gadgets. So, next time when you want to charge your phone or laptop, why to run to a power source?

This gadget that has an internal battery will help you to power your mobile phone for up to 44 hours and your iPod for almost 18 hours. Even your PSP can be powered for 2.5 hours when its charged completely.

A home energy monitor

A home energy monitor is a small gadget that will help you to find which of your appliances at home is consuming a lot of power. This will also say you how much you can save when you do the change.

In this way, you can find how much energy your dryer consumes when it is on and will help you in determining what has to be done in order to lower the costs.

When buying an energy monitor, make sure that you decide the level of monitoring you wish so that you fall in the category that buys the affordable monitors for their home.

Light Dimmer

Homes that use the right Light Dimmers conserve 20% of the average cost in their electricity bill. In this way you can also extend the life of your light bulbs.

There are many types in these gadgets that range from the standard dimmer to the automatic dim or turn off lights when the particular space is not occupied.

Instead of having different light sources for your room, you can use only one light source that can be altered when you slide a button. These are great for any room inside your home and even for your lawns.

Smart Thermostats

A better insulation is always worth for the money you invest. Some thermostats are smart enough to sense your absence and act according to it.

It can automatically adjust the temperature based upon the requirements of the user in the home. Or you can use thermostats that are programmable so that your air conditioner and heater can take rest for some time and get turned on when you reach home.

Do you know any other gadgets that can help you in reducing your energy costs?

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  1. These are all such great ideas. We did invest in a Smart Power strip last year and it has really saved us a lot of power in the last year. I tested it for a month with the Kill-A-Watt plugin tracking tool. We live in an apartment and have really been trying to decide whether to get a smart themometer or not even though we can’t take it with us once we install it. Thanks for all the tips, they’re inspiring.

  2. I find the light dimmer very useful. I use it in my bedroom so as to adjust the brightness of light that I need. Anything solar is also an energy saver. Keep your blog going!

  3. The home energy monitor works really well. You get to keep track of your energy consumption which makes you more conscious of the energy that you have to save.

  4. Of all the energy-saving gadgets, I love the home energy monitor best. Because even if you have a dimmer or a solar panel, or an eco flap, if you don’t take charge of your consumption, how are you going to save?

  5. I think the best power consumption saver in your list is the home energy monitor. That’s because when you’re a thrifty and practical homemaker, it’s wise to stay on track with the power that you use.

  6. These gadgets are superb! Not only do you get to save on your energy consumption but you get to have the best and most advanced gadgets as energy savers as well.

  7. Ignore the haters dear, they’re actually there to try to make life miserable for you. Now if you succumb to their bitter charm, then I’m sorry. Thanks for this post dear~!

  8. Saving energy is the responsibility of every individual and these are some great ways you have mentioned here. Thanks for the share, Jane.

  9. This is a great list of ideas. Very practical. I particularly like the Eco Flap because I would never have thought of that.

    As our homes get larger and larger, more efficient heating, cooling and insulation are vital in keeping energy use down.

  10. These tips are very useful. Not just because we have money to pay our electric bills, it does not mean that we could just use our home appliances anytime. Thus, it is important that we know how to save power consumption.


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