Tips to Increase Iphone Battery Life

Tips to Increase Iphone Battery Life

If you have an iPhone, then you will most likely understand the value of saving the battery. Apple iPhone is one of the superb devices that allow users to perform a wide range of features.

The only thing that stops the ability of the iPhone is the battery. This is because the battery is finite and decreases rapidly according to the usage of the iPhone.

To help you expand your iPhone’s battery while Apple builds a fix, I’ve got a few tips that can definitely help you clench a little more juice from your iDevice. Some are simple, some need little additional fixtures. This should help your iPhone make it through the day.

Here are some simple tips, you can easily save power and enjoy long-lasting iPhone battery life.

Turn Off Your iPhone Wireless Applications

Your iPhone comes with wireless applications like the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that depletes the battery. If you keep these apps off when not in use, you can extend the life of your iPhone for several hours.

It is also recommended to disable your 3G as well, but this will depend on how often you use it. 3G actually take some of the energy of the battery, and you can choose to turn off it if possible.

And, turn on the auto brightness of your iPhone, the feature that automatically adjusts the back light of the screen.

Shorten Screen Brightness

Although the feature of auto brightness helps, it is not perfect and many times you can see that even in areas with little ambient light brightness is not reduced much.

In cases like this, it is the best practice to manually dim the back-light when not needed for saving you battery. Setting low-level screen brightness to about 49% seems to radically improve the life of the battery of the iPhone.

End Background Apps

According to Apple, the background apps are not technically ‘running’, unless they are front and centre, which means they should not draw any power.

The multitasking application for the iPhone continues to use resources of system more efficiently depletes your battery.

Applications, for example, Skype or even other VoIP can be especially benefit from the battery when you perform within the setting and so it is better to start launching the applications only when you need which can save the battery life.

Keep the iPhone cool

The temperature also affects the battery life duration. You may find that your phone is heating up during charging. If this happens, be sure to remove the case before charging.

Putting the iPhone away from your wallet or other packed spaces aid in keeping it cool and keep your battery functioning at standard volume. The temperatures maintained between 32° to 95° F are the best for iPhone and the battery.

Make Use of Solar Chargers for your iPhone

By using solar chargers, you can enjoy the convenience of charging from anywhere. So if the battery is low, there is no need for waiting to find a plug for the device.

Another advantage is that it reduces the usage of electricity which in turn protects the environment. These solar chargers are not so expensive, and therefore easily accessible to anyone using the iPhone.

Regularly Use your iPhone

By not using the iPhone for a long time you could be reducing its battery life. Therefore, you should use it regularly and charge iPhone battery at least once every 6 months.

It is strongly recommended by Apple to have 100% iPhone battery charging when it is completely empty. It means the easy option, to charge it fully when the battery got completely finished.

Although these are also not the only tips to save the battery life of the iPhone, they are definitely wonderful guidelines that make a big dissimilarity in battery overall performance.

Additionally, it is said that doing stuff like rotating off the push email from mail application and rotating off the push notifications will also assist in increase iPhone battery life.

Has any one of the above mentioned tips helped improve the iPhone’s battery overall performance? Chime in with your views in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Tips to Increase Iphone Battery Life”

  1. thanks for this interesting post, didnt reaqlisse thatnot using the iPhone for a long time can also reduce its battery life., i assumed you only used the battery life when using it

  2. Oh my! Who would have thought not using my iPhone would reduce it.s batterry life??All in all thank you for the great advice and yes this post has been of benefit to us iPhone users…

  3. Great tips, I find that if I do the big charge from 0% to 100% at least once a week that my battery life is very much improved.

    I turn off my mail push as I want to assign time to do my mails than be distracted through the day so at least I’m saving battery life too!

  4. I knew about turning off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but 3G too? Well, I’ll take your advice and see if there’s a significant difference. Also, I will turn on the auto brightness. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think these tips not only useful for iPhone users but to Andorid as well. A good rule of thumb is always charge your battery when it’s 40% and take it off the charger when it’s 80%. Try not to use your phone until the battery has completely dead, that’s not good for the battery’s life. Nice post Mohd!


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