Apple Raises The Curtain With The iPhone 5 Launch


The much awaited gadget of the year 2012 was launched by Apple giving an end to all the rumors that were spread across the media (both online and offline) all through the months. iPhone 5 is the most powerful gadget in the line of handheld gadgets delivered by Apple so far.iPhone 5 is light in weight, thin in size and comes with a big screen.

Powered by A6 chipset, iPhone 5 speed doubles the speed of iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 comes with better features than iPhone 4S. The improvements can be noticed not only in size, display and processor but also in design, camera, connectivity, connector and battery.

Design and form factor

Compared to iPhone 4S, the height of the phone is reduced by 18%. The weight of iPhone 4S was reduced by 20%. The phone weighs just 112 grams and the thickness is 7.6 mm.

As expected iPhone 5 comes with a nano-SIM card slot which helped reduce the overall size of the phone. The new SIM is 44% smaller than traditional SIM.

Apple has promptly introduced the big screen as anticipated by Apple fans and tech analysts. This is a great step to face the stiff competition from other brands including Samsung and HTC.

The 4” screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels gives crystal clear clarity with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9. The screen was made thin by eliminating one layer. Even though the pixels are burdened with the dual activities (acting as electrodes as well as the portrayal of an image), the image quality is not compromised but enhanced.

The length of the phone is increased without its impact on the width. This change reflects the adaptation of single hand usage by most of the mobile users. As the screen goes tall, it gave room for the inclusion of another row of icons.

There was much speculation about the connector. Now, those rumors are confirmed with the deployment of 8-pin connector by replacing the 32-pin connector that was present in older versions. As Apple has provided an adaptive interface it should not be difficult to connect with old connectors as well.

The size of the connector is just 20% of the old connector. The improved design will increase the durability as well.



iPhone features powerful A6 processor. The improved graphics processor further boosts the picture quality. You can enjoy your favorite games and watch movies and television shows on this enhanced screen.

Even though there is no enhancement in camera lens (8 MP), the features are enhanced by including photo editing options as well. The camera lets you capture a picture when your video is on.

The other enhancements include dynamic low light mode and backside illumination. Panorama mode will let you stitch photos.

iPhone 5 gives you wings to fly with lightening speeds of internet connectivity. Thanks to the introduction of the emerging networking technology, 4G LTE. You can take advantage of high speed internet connections through 4G LTE and dual band 802.11n (Wi-Fi support).

Apple claims that iPhone 5 gives more battery backup than iPhone 4S even though there is an increase in the screen size, processor power and high speed network connectivity. iPhone 5 gives you back up that is sufficient to let you make voice calls for 8 hours or browsing the net for 10 hours (on Wi-Fi or 3G).


The backup is sufficient for 10 hours of video watching or 40 hours of music play. Your iPhone 5 will be still alive after 255 hours in standby mode.

Along-with the new version of iOS6, iPhone 5 will do away with Google maps. Instead, iPhone 5 users will enjoy the Apple’s new mapping software that gives turn-by-turn navigation facility. This kind of feature was made available to Android based Smartphones through Google’s courtesy.


The much acclaimed and much publicized rumors come to an end with the launch of iPhone 5 by Apple. The product is available for pre-booking from September 14. It will be made available in the US and the other 8 nations from September 21.

The product will be made available to other countries by the end of the year, 2012. iPhone 5 is priced at $199 which includes a contract with the carrier for 2 years.

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  1. Hello Jane, thanks for sharing this info. Apple always rocks with their products. This iphone 5 is going to rock all over the world.

  2. I heard that Iphone 5 disappointed its users with nothing new and latest features.
    exceptions were : LTE technology, thinner, taller.
    Is that true?

  3. perhaps by mistake u had written a wrong price for iphone 5. is it really available @ $199? May be i am wrong.What is it price ? admin?


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