Looking To Buy A Smartphone? Tips To Choose A Smartphone

Looking To Buy A Smartphone? Tips To Choose A Smartphone

I think you won’t argue if I say that modern generation can’t handle this world without smartphones. I don’t think that in future we will stop using mobile technologies. So, today everyone needs to go in step with new technologies. And today I will tell you how to make the very first step – how to choose a smartphone.

Semi-step 1. Budget

Smartphones differ in their cost greatly. The times passed when they cost too much that only very rich people could afford them. But I think it is clear that the more functions the phone has, the more advanced it is, the younger it is, the higher price will be.

But the basic package of functions remains the same, so you just need to decide how much you are ready to spend for becoming mobile.

While you look for awesome features and a stylish look, make sure you also look into your pocket – I mean your budget! Fix your budget (in a range) first and then start looking for a phone with look and features that fits your budget.

Semi-step 2. Operating system of the smartphone

There are several most influential mobile OS in the world: Android from Google, iOS from Apple, Windows Phone from Microsoft, Blackberry from RIM.

Of course, they differ in codes, but for users the most important aspects are layouts and the number of apps available. Speaking about the first point, Android is the best of all. It allows lots of ways of customization. However, iOS and Blackberry won’t disappoint you as well.

Number of applications? iOS and Android are the leaders. But you may find all the necessary apps for other platforms as well. Just make a little research.

And if you are already using a smartphone with a particular operating system, looking for a new smartphone with the same operating system will make you comfortable since you are already used to that particular OS. But if you are someone who likes to try out new things, well then drop the OS that you are already using with your old smartphone and look for a new one with a different OS.

Semi-step 3. Display and size

You should choose a smart depending on your needs. Do you need a big screen for book reading? A screen with high resolution for video streaming? A good music system if you are a music geek? Everything is possible.

It all depends on why you need the phone and what will be your usage. If your main purpose is to make calls and send text messages you probably don’t need a 5 inch smartphone. But if you are into movies, games, reading and video calling, yes certainly go for a big screen.

Semi-step 4. Battery

Unfortunately, it remains to be a weak side of the smartphones. The more functions it has, the less work time is available. But it you may read here about how to improve them.

Nevertheless, again this depends on your usage as well. Depending upon how intense you will use your smartphone, you will have to choose a smartphone with battery that will cope with your needs.

Semi-step 5. Keyboard and camera

Confused to chooseThere are 3 variants to choose from: just a touch QWERTY keyboard (like iPhone), just a physical QWERTY keyboard (Blackberry phones) or a combination of them (like Samsung Galaxy 5110).

What concern cameras, modern smartphones usually have cameras of 5 MP and more.  But there are also variants. If you are keen on photography, you should choose for example one of the recent Nokia phones.

Semi-step 6. Updates

When I spoke about OSs I forgot to mention that even though the phones that run some OSs are still sold, not all of the systems have the future. For example, Symbian phones. They work well now, but unfortunately, there time will expire soon.

So, find out about the frequency of updates. Android and iOS are updated very regularly, but there are also some exceptions. New OS from Windows has just been released.

And after making these small steps, just read the reviews and opinions about the phone you have chosen. Try to go to test it in the store. And you will make your smartphone choice easily.

This post was written by Katerina, a copywriter from Intellectsoft, a mobile application development company. I like to read about everything mobile and to write some good reviews of newly released apps. To find out more, check here . Or follow as on Twitter @Intellectsoft

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