Can You Make The Most Of Twitter’s New Advertising Tool?

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Among various social networking sites, Twitter has some special and unique features that make it still more popular among online marketers. You can reach customers and clients in a specific direction and you can tap those who are really interested in your products or services.

The targeted advertising offers great benefits to businesses by optimizing their time and effort in the right direction. This can be achieved by utilizing various tools offered by Twitter.

Twitter has introduced another new tool which will further enhance your business prospects by reaching prospective customers. Let us learn more about this new development and its implications.

New advertising tool

The new tool has features to segregate advertisements into various categories. For example, you can easily tag an advertisement in one of the categories like healthcare, finance, technology, mobile phones, etc.

Based on the interests opted by Twitter users in their profiles, relevant ads will be routed to them. The ads will also be sent to users whose followers had shown interest in the specified categories. Such kinds of ads are termed as ‘promoted tweets’. The new tool reflects Twitter’s ambitious plans to revamp its marketing methods. This is aimed at further enhancing the promotional ways through Twitter.


By displaying an ad that is relevant to the user’s interests, the impact of Twitter promotions will be more than ever before. Users are most likely to go through the ad. It is a great way to introduce a new product or service to the market. By sending an ad to all the users who have shown interest in the particular subject, you will effectively announce the new product or new service to the interested parties.

Advertising is the main source of income for online businesses. The pioneers in internet industry whose major chuck of revenue is generated through online advertising are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Google lists in the top position which makes more than $50 billion per year.

Facebook and Yahoo are able to earn more than $5 billion per year approximately. Even though Twitter has not revealed the facts about the revenue generation plans through the introduction of new advertising tool, it is estimated that Twitter will make around half a billion dollars by the year 2014.

Twitter’s popularity has grown over the years. Established in the year 2006, as a short messaging platform with tweet (not more than 140 characters) and re-tweets, it has focused more on building the user base in the early years. It was quite successful in attracting millions of people all across the globe to exploit the micro blogging platform as an easy and simple mode of communication.

Over the years, Twitter was successful in attracting large number of users. Now, Twitter users (approx. 500 million active users) generate more than 350 million tweets per day. As Twitter has started tapping its own resources to attract advertisements, it is certainly poised to grow in the coming days.

Expected enhancements

As new advertisements are pumped to users based on the selection of their subject of interest in their profile, users should have the option so that they can control the advertisements that will be routed to them. The advertisements should not annoy the users.

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  1. Certainly, there is no point to limit promotion. I always suggest to try new ideas and track the results. For sure there are benefits, probably it depends on the niche, but for sure for every niche there can be a bit of twist in the strategy to work well.

  2. I do not think I am even going to mess around with this. I would rather just keep my users updated through Twitter and leave it at that. Thanks for the great information anyways.

  3. However, these people that “blindly” follow others, usually don’t actively engage many people. Following are some proven tips on how to grow your network on Twitter and how to use this service to gain exposure for your online business.


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