New Twitter: Let Us Meet The New Twitter

New Twitter

New Twitter – It is now time for us to get introduced to the advanced version of Twitter. This social media platform of 140 characters has undergone a total redesign and now it is really great hooking up with friends. It is hoped that this new change will revolutionize Twitter and along with Google plus, Facebook and other brand pages, Twitter shall emerge as an advertising platform too.

It has been mentioned in the advertising blog of Twitter that the new brand page offers more marketing tools to the marketers, for instance, featuring a promoted Tweet at the top of the Twitter page of the brand. The new Twitter shall enable you to connect well with your target audience and has the special feature of highlighting important content.

It is absolutely free of cost and the page has public access on the internet, all over the world. You are free to design your own profile page with personal messaging and logo. The detailed features of the redesigned page of Twitter are enlisted below.

New Twitter Home

The homepage of this redesigned new Twitter is much more advanced. All the options such as photos, videos, conversations can be incorporated into the tweets, so that the whole story can be viewed at once. This home page can be viewed from computers, laptops and other gadgets like smart phones, iPhones and android mobiles.


In the ‘connect’ section of the new Twitter, you can get into a conversation, in order to see who has mentioned you or followed you, or retweeted your tweet. This is a better and much advanced option than the regular twitter page, as it will prove to be user friendly and serve many purposes at once.

We found this feature much useful to network with people who tweeted and mentioned our discount coupon blog’s posts that feature and istockphoto discount deals.


With ‘discover’ you can pave through a mass of information, both entertaining and factual, which has been customized only for the Twitter users. If you use ‘discover’ you will see that the result list, reflecting your interests appear in front of you. The result list is dependent on your location, things that you follow and also, things happening in and around you. This is an innovative tool, absolutely brilliant, and with regular use this feature comes up with more content.


In the new twitter, the ‘profile’ section is also new and has many latest and innovative features. Now your followers and other people can directly tweet you and your interests, lists, photos and other followers can be viewed by them directly.

If you want to introduce yourself to other people, then there is an option for this, the ‘me’ tab. This new Twitter profile page is very similar to the profile page of other social networking sites, which has all the features on the same page.


Now tweet and send your message out to the world with this new tweet button. Along with these tweets you can add video links, photos and more. This is completely a new mode of tweeting and has become attractive and innovative.

New Twitter Takeaway

From the above features and facts, we can come to the only conclusion that this new twitter page for brands is extremely well designed with lots of new features and advantages. So, connecting with your customer base is easier now.

11 thoughts on “New Twitter: Let Us Meet The New Twitter”

  1. Thanks Sheeba for providing updates about Tweeter…
    Can you share some tips about how to get more traffic from Tweeter….

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Jane,

    Excellent breakdown.

    I am acclimating myself to the new twitter. I’ve seen some solid buzz around it and judging from your review, this seems like a change which is definitely for the better.

    Thanks for sharing your insight with us.


  3. I love the upcoming new twitter. It seems like Twitter would be a tough competitor to Facebook and Google plus especially now that they will have an ad promotion.

  4. This is pretty interesting for everybody who are using twitter. For sure, they would surely enjoy the new look that could really help us. Looking forward to more updates from twitter.

  5. With the tight competition between Social Networking giants like Twitter and Facebook, they really have to change their platforms and offer new features every once in a while to keep their users hooked in using it.The enhanced Twitter is better than ever especially with it’s new connect section.

  6. Truly that these new features of new twitter are very user-friendly. You will more enjoy using this social media to connect not only with your colleagues, relatives but even with your customers. You can be more close to them and promote your niche or business in a way that you don’t have to encounter any hassle.

  7. Many people will simply follow those that send them notification that they are being followed. However, these people that “blindly” follow others, usually don’t actively engage many people. Following are some proven tips on how to grow your network on Twitter and how to use this service to gain exposure for your online business.


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