iPhone Apps: The Best Health And Fitness Apps For iPhone

iPhone Apps: The Best Health And Fitness Apps For iPhone

Want to get fit with your iPhone? If you are trying to get into good shape and live healthier overall, have a look at some of the best health and fitness iPhone apps that are available in the iTunes app store.

Tap and track-Calorie counter:

Selected as one of the top iPhone apps in the Apps store Essentials-Get in shape, it contains the largest offline food database of any iPhone calorie counter. Priced at $3.99, it enables to keep track the amount of calories that you take in, your workout’s and also your weight. This is app requires iOS 3.0 or later.

All-in Yoga: 300 poses and Yoga classes

With over one million users using this app, the latest version gives you a brand new magazine with useful Yoga articles and healthy recipes. This app is available in six languages and is compatible with iOS 4.1 or later. Priced at $0.99, this iPhone app has a large follower base.

Health through breath: Pranayama Lite

Having a stressed out day? Try this one. This app is a simple and intuitive guide to deep breathing that features a progressive course based on principles of Alternate nostril breathing. This app is available for free at the iTunes store and is available in nine languages. This is compatible with iOS 3.2 or later.


This iPhone app maps your run, tracks your progress and gives the motivation to you need to go further. There is a mid-run cheer every time when a friend likes or comments on your run status. Priced at $1.99, this app is available in nine languages including Chinese. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Available for free, this app is a great tool to scan and choose healthy groceries over 200000 unique UPC`s as featured in NY times, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and on ABC, FOX, NBC and more. This iPhone app is available only in English and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Heart Fitness:

Now, you can measure your heart rate with a built-in camera and monitor your physical fitness using patented technology. This app was developed by France at Center Hospitalier Universitaire. This method has been tested and validated against instruments approved by FDA in clinical conditions. This app is available for free and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Lose It!:

Set goals and establish daily calorie budget that enables so that you meet them. You can stay on track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying with your budget. The app developers claim that more than 85% of the active users have lost weight. This app is completely free and requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Nike training club:

The Nike Inc. offers this iPhone app for free at the iTunes store. This app is a great deal for women to get a lean and toned body with 60 custom-built workout`s. But some users do feel that too many updates are released and every time the user has to download 500MB of data. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Got any top fitness iPhone app that is missing above? Please feel free to add.

Jane Sheeba

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    Those are some great apps Jane! However, i’m using RunKeeper. It’s free unlike Nike+GPS. It has a GPS to map your runs and gives you info on your speed and distance.

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      RunKeeper sounds great too πŸ™‚

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    Great Apps. Thnx for your review and sharing ((Hugs))

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      Thanks for stopping by Amit, I’m glad you like them πŸ™‚

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    Runkeepers seems great too. and many things looks interesting as looking towards them deeply.

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    Dan Keller

    I have used the Nike app and it is awesome. I will try out the yoga app that looks coll. My new years inspiration is to lose 20 pounds and all these apps will help a lot.

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      Sounds like a great goal Dan, I’m sure the app will help!

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    Unless they have a farm or a job that requires lots of physical activity, everybody should pay attention to their eating habits and work out at least 3 days a week. You’ve presented some useful apps. Thanks!

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      Well said Roger πŸ™‚ Couldn’t agree more!

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    Jac Evans

    Iphone is lots of features which are not in others. Its my favorite one for using. I am not bored when am alone.

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    Iphone is my favorite cell.. its work as a pocket computer do….

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    weight plans

    Weight Watchers is the only effective diet program that is advertise on tv. I can attest to that because my brother used it and he lost tons of weight. It is true that you don’t need to exercise, but it also depends on how fit you want to get. For me, exercise is always necessary not just for loosing weight, but for staying fit. Thanks for this very informative article!

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    Hi Jane, it is great to learn that there are a fitness applications for the iPhone. The best part is that my iPhone is always with me and it will make it easier to stick to the fitness schedule.

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    Oh, wow! I want to get this one!! So far I only knew the x-Box program, but also just by the name. If I think, this might save tons of money if compared to a gym..! Cool πŸ™‚

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    These apps look great, this is my first time meets them and I want try them. Thanks Jane for giving short reviews.

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    Have you seen ChallengeLoop? http://www.challengeloop.com. You can do fitness challenges with yourself and your friends and track your progress by posting photos & videos. It’s great for losing weight and motivating yourself to maintain healthy habits. It’s an iPhone app and website.

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    now a days i pad is too much famous and most of the young people has i pad and i phone and they love this because this has the almost all the same function as a computer and it fulfill all the needs of a computer

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